Copy of Answers to Your TOP Hair Color Questions

Clear the confusion, propoganda, brain wash marketing and get the truth around "natural, organic and ammonia free color." 

Read our most frequently asked questions and gain insight on what ingredients are safe and unsafe and why it truly does matter both for hair health and inner beauty biology.   








Reduces the chances of allergic reaction or discomfort.  



Developed in the 1980's - enjoy the richest performance on the market that puts your hair's integrity FIRST. Be done with traditional salon and at home colors. Less damage means healthier more beautiful looking hair that lasts longer and does not fade. 


A  toxic skin irritant. 


We use the highest grade of oxidative dyes for a reduction in skin staining - as well as hair color that gets darker on the ends or "muddy"  over time due to your stylist overlapping.


Color chemists at heart, we use a double pigment LOCK n' LOAD formula so your pesky grays get  100% gray coverage while making the hair look and feel softer. 

 Contact us and join the NEXT GENERATION of HAIR COLOR  that does not fade off tone and lasts longer than other salon brands.



How does the color work?

When we apply the color mixture to your hair, the alkalinity in the color opens the cuticle layer on your hair surface, and the dye pigments enter into your hair cortex. The alkalinity is also a reactive agent for the oxidation of the dye molecules while the developer provides the oxygenation. Once the dye pigments are oxidized, they expand and fuse with your natural hair structure, and the bond formed is permanent.


Why is your ammonia-free formula different from other brands?

While there may be more ammonia-free products, they may contain other harmful ingredients. Our formula uses the finest dye pigments in an ammonia-free and low alkalinity conditioning solution. Our goal is to keep your hair as healthy as possible. In addition to being ammonia-free, our formula is also free of PPD, resorcinol, gluten, phthalates, and chemical preservatives.


What is an alkaline agent and what does it do?

Alkalinity and acidity are measured by pH levels. A pH of 7 is neutral, and an alkaline agent has a pH balance above 7. In hair color formulas, alkaline agents are used to open your hair’s cuticle. Ammonia is the alkaline agent in color formulations.


Will I get complete coverage with your formula?

We’ll give you 100% full coverage every time - including gray coverage!


Is bleach used? Can you do you do highlights without using bleach?

With our formula’s ability to lighten up to five levels, we can replace bleach in over 95% of cases. We can lighten the whole or partial head for highlights, and the enlightener system is fortified with keratin. We’ll use the Vivabond Complex to strengthen and hydrate your hair after high lift applications. Keep in mind that there are some desired results that only bleach can achieve, so we still use “bleach” in some situations.

Is your hair color safe for my allergies?

Fortunately, by removing the compound PPD and other harsh ingredients, our color formula is safe if you have chemical sensitivities or allergic reactions. If you are highly sensitive and still concerned, we can do a 48-hour patch test to ensure the color is safe for you to use.


What is an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction is your body’s response to either a harmful or harmless substance. If your body becomes sensitized to a substance, it can become an allergen. Always listen to your body and stop if something doesn’t feel right. You can become sensitized to substances over time, too.


Why are some people allergic to hair color?

Allergens can get into your body topically, like hair color. We’re not totally sure why some people react to things that other people don’t. Studies show that an abundance of internal stressors crosslink and cause an allergic response when a combination of toxins and chemicals get built up in your system.


Is this color formula Gluten Free?  

Yes! In addition to being gluten-free, our formula is also free of dyes, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, neurotoxins, aluminum compounds, formaldehyde donors, propylene glycol, DEA, and carcinogens.


Will coloring my hair damage it?

It’s true that your hair can be damaged by using hair color products that are high in ammonia and MEA and contain few conditioning ingredients. Ammonia can weaken your hair and strip the outer layer of each shaft. Many color formulas are now “ammonia free”. Our color formula has conditioning and the proprietary reparative complex, VivaBond, added in so we ensure your hair is healthier after the service than it was before.


I’m just starting to go gray. Is there a way to blend the gray into my natural color?

Yes! We have many strategic ways of coloring and foiling to help you in the transition for blending away gray for beautiful and natural looking results.

You say you have plant enzyme developers versus peroxide?  What does this mean?

We prefer plant enzyme developers because they are a gentler and safer alternative to regular peroxide products. Hydrogen peroxide has been used in hair color for a long time as the reactant agent that delivers the tones into your hair cuticle. Now, we can use plant enzyme developers to naturally accelerate chemical reactions to cut your hair color process time in half. The enzymes nourish, heal, and protect your scalp and hair, so you’ll leave us with soft, shiny, manageable, and luxurious hair.

Our mission at Beauty Ecology has always been to create formulations that are both gentle and effective—removing harsh chemicals and introducing natural elements that preserve the integrity of the hair and scalp. Hair anti-aging at it’s best!

I love my natural hair color. Can you make my natural hair color shinier?

If you’re looking to enhance your natural hair color, we can glaze your hair with a clear gloss to make your hair shinier. We also recommend our restorative hair mask by evoqbeauty to add health and moisture to your locks. We believe in getting to the “root” of the issue.

Is your hair color organic?

No, there is no such thing as organic permanent hair color on the market today. No professional hair color company currently has that certification, even if they put the word ORGANIC in the name of their company or the name of their brand, it is not considered *Organic.




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