We're Pie Throwing. For real, these spices will literally make you GLOW.

  H-E-L-L-O  Holly!

When having a "pie face" is a good thing.  

Autumn brings a very noticable transition to the inner-outer beauty biology of the skin. Because of all these ups and downs due to the weather, your skin may be freaking out.

Soothe and re-enliven your distressed skin. 

Our revitalizing pumpkin peel helps to gently remove dead skin cells, provide antioxidant repair support, and stimulating elastin and collagen production.  Your skin will feel smooth, refreshed and visibly brighter for a more youthful appearance.

Add our limited time seasonal pumpkin peel onto any facial (including  20/$20) for only $15!

Our pumpkin peel may be the greatest thing made out of pumpkin since pumpkin pie.

See you soon - and I hope with a bit of pumpkin and spice!   Your skin will thank you. 


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