The Critical "Current of Life" for Revitalized and Youthful Skin


ATP and Your Skin

You probably know that everything your body does, whether it is going for a run or simply smiling, requires energy. You may think you use the energy from the food you eat, but distribution of energy evenly throughout the body is more complex than that. With ATP, the energy derived from nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins is stored and used to power nearly all of your body’s functions.

 What is ATP?

Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is a molecule present in every cell of our body. It stores all the energy you need for your body to function every day, and is referred to as the “current of life.” Everything you do throughout the day is powered by the energy released by the molecule, ATP. ATP is essentially the power source that makes life possible and is the energy source for everything from DNA replication to cellular activity to collagen and elastin synthesis.

Why it’s Important

If your body is healthy, it will create ATP normally. However, if your diet is poor, you aren’t sleeping well, or you’re working too hard, you might not be getting the full benefit of ATP molecules, and you end up feeling sluggish or unwell.

As the largest organ of your body, your skin needs huge amounts of ATP to keep it thriving, healthy, and functioning properly. ATP is also required for healthy skin rejuvenation and renewal, and the production of collagen and elastin.

ATP and Aging

Like many things, ATP production slows down as you age. In fact, by the age of 60, the production reduces by nearly half. Common signs of aging, like wrinkles, can be a sign of poor cell regeneration. In order for your body, especially your skin, to be healthy, it’s important to focus on ATP production by doing things like limiting sun exposure and eating well.

Increasing ATP with Beauty Ecology Skin Services

Preventative aging requires creating an environment that supports the creation of ATP. This includes the technology and products you use on your skin.

Light can be used to trigger the cellular production of ATP, which is activated to help regenerate cells and stimulate collagen and elastin production for healthy, younger looking skin. Microcurrent is proven to stimulate ATP production by up to 500%. Nothing else has been found to stimulate ATP production as efficiently, making microcurrent procedures the most powerful tool in maximizing ATP synthesis.

Along with increased ATP synthesis, microcurrent treatments have been found to have a number of other benefits as well, including increases in collagen and elastin and improved blood circulation. Microcurrent also trains facial muscles, allowing them to be sculpted into a youthful lift. Skin is left rejuvenated, and with a renewed youthfulness.

At Beauty Ecology, we offer a number of skin services to increase ATP production. Our microcurrent facials deliver all of the benefits stated above, as well as improving the skin’s bioavailability for deeper delivery of active transforming ingredients. Cellular communication is improved, and cellular activities are enhanced to benefit the contour, texture, health, and visual appearance of the skin and face muscles.

Microcurrent can even be used in the sensitive areas of the eyes, lips, mouth, and neck. Nutrients and blood are delivered to targeted areas to activate a sluggish lymph system while reducing swelling and gently lifting, toning, and strengthening the muscles around the eye or neck.


  • Up to 500% increase in cellular energy to cells (ATP) in muscles to increase tone (ATP is adenosine tri-phosphate and is the driver for cellular activity)
  • Up to 60% increase in Fibroblastic Activity (this is collagen production)
  • Up to 73% increase in Protein Synthesis (this is elastin production and results in improved elasticity)
  • Up to 40% increase in Cell Permeability (this is actual absorption in the cells and healthier cell production)
  • Works on improving skin tissue e.g: Acne scarring, sun-damage, dry/dehydrated skin.
  • Stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles and re-hydrates the skin
  • Cumulative results with Improved Muscle Tone in the Face and Neck
  • Lifting of Jowls, Eyebrows and Cheeks

Contact our professional skin therapist at Beauty Ecology to learn more about our non-invasive facial technology. 

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