A MUST READ for your SOUL. (Stop Saying “Sorry” & Say THANK YOU)


Hello Beatue'

Women are great at self-sabotage.  Receiving a simple thank is like a automatic repelent for most woman.     Right? 

A MUST READ for your SOUL. 

If you do not know James Clear.  You Should.  And now you DO!  

I've followed and loved his manifesto's and brilliant blog post for about a year.  

I hope our newly created and curated beauty biology relevant information that will be seeding and growing in your inbox - is as addictive as his.

Here's his latest post I thought you should read.  Enjoy. Put it to action. Accept.  

BE Beloved.   xo Kassandra

 Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations

There is something empowering about fully accepting a compliment. When you deflect praise, you can’t really own it. When you just say “Thank You,” you let the weight of the compliment sink in and become yours. Saying “Thank You” gives your mind permission to be built up by the compliments you receive.

Getting compliments should be fun and enjoyable, but we often ruin the experience. There’s no need to sabotage compliments that come your way. Accept them with grace and enjoy the moment. 


Here is another source of Jame's inspiration!

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