Top 6 Tips for Transitioning out of Dull & Winter Influenced Skin


While the cool air of winter is coming to a close, it comes with its fair share of dermal 'havoc' on your skin. The moisture levels in our skin have been decreased, so adjusting your skincare routine for the  transition out of the cool winter weather is necessary to avoid the legging dry, itchy, flaky, and dull skin this season brings.

Your QUICK GUIDE for winter - to - spring skincare solutions.

Radiant skin is achieved with a combination of internal and external care. Stressors like hormones, weather changes, sun damage, and environmental toxins can all take a toll on your skin. There are some at-home rituals you can do to fight dull skin and bring back a healthy glow to your face.

#1 Adjust Your Cleanser

Our skin tends to change with the seasons, so our cleanser should also change along with them. As the weather warms up, you might need a Gentle Cleanser to cleanse away dirt and makeup without drying out your skin. You’ll also get a youth-renewing burst from the Vitamin C, Ester, and Chamomile. For cooler weather, or if you struggle with dry skin year-round, our Cleansing Milk with skin nutrients gently removes impurities from your skin with aloe, seaweed, and shea butter. 


#2 Exfoliate Mildly - Deep Cell Renewal with Sea Pearl

As dead, dry skin cells get burned out and build up, your face can start to look dull. Gently exfoliating a few times a week is critical for removing the dead cells so you can put your “best face forward” with a refreshed and bright outlook. Exfoliate in moderation, and avoid exfoliant scrubs that contain skin damaging pumice, apricot kernels, and other abrasive textures. Excessive damage to the microlayers of the skin can cause breakouts, sensitivity, dryness, and itchiness. 


Truly a one of a kind - Evoq’s luxurious sea pearls are a cell regenerative, nourishing and gentle exfoliant is matched with deep see algae minerals, marine Vitamins A precursors (synthetic “A” is damaging to the skin) and vitamin C-ester (most efficient lipid-based vitamin c) to brighten. Soothe your dryness and promote cell renewal. Discover FRESH sea-rich minerals and de-pigmenting cleanser so your curated boosters and nourishing moisturizers can be more efficient through our brightening Exfoliant Sea Pearl Cleanser


#3 Replenish With 100% Purity of Cold Pressed and Organic Exotic Seed Oils

Sun, the wind, and environmental toxins can all strip your face of its natural oils, which leaves your skin vulnerable. Face oils replenish the top layers of aging skin to help it retain moisture and protect it from the elements. Face oils go into your skin’s layers to deliver nutrients below the epidermal barrier. The organic and cold-pressed complex of red raspberry, cranberry, chia, prickly pear, black cumin, and passionfruit seed oil in our Youth-Renewal Serum provide instant free-radical relief and much-needed moisture and barrier replenishment to the harsh conditions we come in contact with every day. It’s addictive (so we hear)!


#4 Moisturize with Vitamin C Esters

Along with replenishing oils, using a moisturizer rich in minerals and nutrients will help instantly rehydrate dry and dull skin to restore radiance. The Omega 7 Fatty Acids in our Oxygen Cream will help reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation your skin may be prone to. Also, the forces of nature sequence of liquid oxygen, botanical stem cells, and marine algae actives instantly metabolize, detox, and encourage the rich-living nutrients deep into the cellular layers where true anti-aging occurs.


#5 Wear SPF

Sun damage is the leading cause of the symptoms of early skin aging, skin damage, and skin cancer. In fact, ultraviolet exposure accounts for 90% of these symptoms. Repeated damage causes persistent inflammation, and damage from the sun typically doesn’t show up until years later, when the damage is already done. Because of this, it’s important to wear SPF year-round.


Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with zinc oxide as a main active ingredient to protect you from both types of rays. A tinted sunscreen, like our Tinted UV Primer, protects your skin while covering flaws.


#6 Detox with Tea

Staying hydrated is important to combat dull and dry skin, and detoxifying tea is great for cleaning out some of the environmental toxins our bodies take in. Try our Metabolize + Slimming Remedy Tea for a decadent and healthy way to hydrate

Having radiant skin shouldn’t be a goal, it should be your reality. Follow these six tips, and you’ll be seeing results in no time.

I hope you found these tips and skin care home-ritual solutions helpful!  Learn more about how to work SMARTER and not pushing the skin HARDER through Evoq's Skin Care Key Actives!  

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