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Always love to connect with our fab community!  Here's a quick Saturday update behind the chair.  It's worth the read! 

Before you scroll - if you schedule COLOR & CUT TODAY (Breezy Saturday), you get a FREE DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT - it's on the house!  

Just shoot me a text or email.  
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Blonde is more popular than ever as the ombre “grow out look” is feeling a bit dull and the ladies are opting to go lighter, brighter and bold with a more beige, cool and violet hues.

So what do you think?  Are we going back to the 80s platinum locks?  (YES please)
Does it look too fake, or does the pop add just the right amount of new blonde sophistication and edginess?      

Blonde may not be your deck of cards -  but your look and spirit are in absolute need of some CHANGE and REVITALIZATION.   

Whatever your hue, contact our color wellness team for your new look.  Book online HERE!

Is It The New..

Blustery BLUE SATURDAY Spring Inspiration! 

Have a great Saturday and weekend, lovely!  

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Xo  Kassandra

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