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When it comes to having the best skin health, it often breaks down to getting sufficient collagen and elastin production in your skin and how Vitamin C Ester is a vital component of maintaining these two proteins.

If you need a quick refresher, you can catch up on our posts about the inner workings of skin aging.

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Can a professional facial really make a difference?

As we age, our skin slows down, and we all need a little extra help from the pros. We can control a lot of factors when it comes to our skin’s health - our lifestyle, product use, etc. - but getting older is inevitable.

At BE, we celebrate laugh lines, and realize not every women’s top goals are to look younger.  We can agree that taking steps in optimizing our skin’s ability to regenerate and work at its best so you can confidently feel and look your - BEST.

Stimulating cell production is the truest way to maintain great skin-fit health and slow hormonal aging. 

Whoever said “beauty is pain” obviously never experienced the pleasure of a Rezenerate facial!

 Pro-Collagen & Elastin Skin Needling

This gentle facial INSTANTLY increases collagen and elastin regeneration. The best part? We’ll help correct your skin problems WITHOUT nasty synthetics or chemicals.

 The NEWEST Skin Technology For Visible Transformation.

Our most powerful facial service uses the newest Microderm technology to give your skin the plumpness, glow, and evenness it can lack by delivering the key to anti-aging - cell production stimulation.

Common and popular facial methods can do more harm - than good.

If you've heard of it, micro needling can cause skin infections, bleeding, and other health concerns...Plus, it hurts!


This facial wand is a professional-grade, state-of-the-art precision cosmetic tool that delivers instant results with long-term benefits.

How the Wand works

In a matter of 10 to 15 minutes of conditioning the skin, the tiny tip will create millions of microscopic channels in the top most layers of the stratum corneum, thereby making it ultra absorbent for product and extremely receptive.  

When the skin is conditioned, topically applied serums will absorb 7 to 10 times more effectively than unconditioned skin into the epidermis and travel to the problem areas. Products’ efficacy will be boosted substantially and results will be greatly accelerated.

"On demand results?” Yes, we mean it!

Instantly, your skin will utilize products better, have an increase in cellular turnover, and experience a gentle micro-peel. Combined with our deep-cell Evoq biomimetic, fresh ingredients, you’ll give a super-boot to those immediate results.

Short & Long-term Results | All Skin Conditions

- Plumper skin

- Minimized fine lines and wrinkles

- Reduced blemishes, scars, and dark spots

- An overall improved complexion


Questions?    We've got answers. 

- How long is my down time?

There is no downtime! You can put on makeup just a few minutes after treatment is complete and get on with your busy schedule. The treatment is so gentle you can even use it around your eyes and lips for crow’s feet and smile lines. Your fillers and Botox are safe and you may even be able to get fewer injections after the facial series!

In 2-3 days after your treatment, you may experience some very light peeling of old skin. In 10-14 days, the skin has done "it's thing" and you'll be looking sexy, smooth, and restored.

- How often do I come?

For full, radiant results, you’ll want to complete the full six treatments in the series. If you have specific areas of concern or an upcoming event to get ready for, you can come back every seven days for treatment.

For regular skin care maintenance, you’ll see the best results if you come in every two weeks for treatment. That’s the great thing about Rezenerate - we take hardly any time out of your schedule to get excellent results!

- Is it right for me?

While our Pro Collagen Facial is gentle and non-invasive, it is not recommended for certain cases of Rosacea, Psoriasis, open sores, warts, Scleroderma, young scars (less than six months old), nursing or pregnant women, along with a couple of other disorders and skin infections.

*You should always consult your skin health expert to see if you are a good candidate for any facial treatment.

- Are there any side effects?

Other than being mistaken for your daughter’s sister, there are no side effects!

  Facial Package Pricing Options

Packages of 4-6 facials are recommended for the best results.

The average per-facial price is $120

Receive a discount when purchasing a package of 4+.

Short on time? Request our 30 minute focus Facial. 

Contact us today to book your Rezenerate Facial series!

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