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Yes, BOOBS. 



  1 in 7 women will be affected by Breast Cancer.

Seat belt on as we  gather some facts and shed light on “Breast Cancer” month.

Get relevant information about how our hormones (imbalance) deeply impact us and to how to implement key pro-active everyday actions raising us above that 1 in 7 bell curve.  

I’ll be focusing on the impact of estrogen, clearing your detox pathways and building back up the body (and the boob).

Let the "girls down" and read on! 

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Do not fall for this.

With the best of intentions, many fall into impulsive “Detox in a Box” syndrome. This can lead to a short-term unraveling of toxins from the adipose (fat) tissue to only RE-UPTAKE and re-circulate into the bloodstream.  

WHY and HOW Toxins Re-circulate?
There are 3 essential phases of detoxification. If your liver and body do not have the energy to fully transition the toxins OUT - honey, we have a larger issue.


At BE, I attribute our total health backed by the rul of  “80/20.” rule

80% of our health is determined by our lifestyle & 20% is genetic.

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Only 5% percent of breast cancers are related to genetics. Addressing estrogen dominance through lifestyle investments is critical in reducing your estradiol levels and the increase of estrogen-related cancer.

 Xeno - what?

Xeno-estrogens raise estrogen through being a "fake mimicker" of our natural production, tricking the body.   They come from plastics, chemical/synthetic beauty products, and GMO-driven food sources.

How Estrogen Feeds the Fire

BE AWARE: SIGNS & Symptoms

Get to know the normal look and feel of your breast to better detect any 

  • A lump, lumpiness or thickening.

  • Changes to the nipple such as a change in shape, crusting, a sore or an ulcer, redness or a nipple that turns in (becomes inverted).

  • Changes to the skin of the breast such as dimpling of the skin, unusual redness or other color changes.

  • Change in the shape or size of the breast – either an increase or decrease.

  • Unusual discharge from the nipple without squeezing.

  • Swelling or discomfort in the armpit.

  • Persistent, unusual pain not related to your normal monthly cycle, which remains after a menstrual period and occurs in one breast only.

 -So girlfrend.... what goes down, must GO UP! -

Rebuilding YOU

Yes, and the BOOB.

Our Evoq Beauty essentials focus first on BUILDING  the skin and hair at the cellular level ( root ) for longevity.  

Same goes HERE and back to the DETOX in a box.  

While needing to remove toxins from our everyday, we have to focus on building up - what we tear down.  

RISE-SISTER-RISE by adding these essential tips and high-level nutraceuticals to stock in your newly cleaned out and tox-free cupboard.     

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Fortify & Protect - on the daily.  

Calcium D Glucarate

Known to be the best-researched supplements to help with detoxification and reduce estrogen (breast cancer hormone catalyst) uptake.   

Load up on the Cruciferous
Indole 3 Carbinol has been shown to block and chelate excess estrogens and toxins that lead to cancer growth.  Enjoy cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.

Selenium’s High Impact on Fighting Cancer

Selenium is able to inhibit cancer and tumors generated by abnormal cellular growth and development by its powerful natural DNA repairing attributes.  

Recommendations for Selenium Consumption

You can find Selenium in brazil nuts, and even better, indulge in marine algae and sea salt-rich in macro and micro minerals.  

Lifestyle Love with EVOQ:

Relief & Relaxation by Soaking in a Sea of Nutrients
Bathing in a sea salt soak rich in selenium {ritual}

Seaweeds stimulate the body's metabolism, which accelerates the body's own detoxification process. These minerals are easily assimilated by our bodies and this is achieved because seawater has a similar composition to our blood plasma.


Exercising your Breast - Lymph, that is.  


When the lymph becomes congested, the cells cannot remove their waste and the white blood cells in the lymph and the immune system become stuck.

This can compromise your breast health and the lymph becomes toxic because they are in an area of dense lymph concentration.  

  • Oxygenated Organic Body Oil to Nourish and Revitalize Cellular Health
  • Our EVOQ Beauty food grade curated Healing Breast and Body Oil promotes breast health and provides adequate transdermal absorption of nutrients beneficial to keep the breast area well cared for.
  • Ritual Breast Massage Benefits:
  • A daily massage stimulates lymph circulation and blood circulation.
  • Improved circulation to the surface of the skin helps blood and lymph flow.
  • Massage promotes the production of oxytocin (happy hormone).

In summary, it is critical to remove the daily exposure from everyday toxins and excess estrogens.

Create a piece of mind and enjoy the grace of everyday by engaging on a long walk with your BFF, laugh, get enough sleep, eat your veggies and  love and let down your breasts - on the daily.

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{PS:}  xo

Here are our top 3 EVOQ Breast loving and Xeno-estrogen FREE rituals to add TODAY for cellular health and healing self-love.

Use our body oil for loving breast massage.

Protect your pits and fatty tissue around the
breast with our top selling (it works!).
Top selling Pureoderant

Our sea-rich mineral bath salt to
detox and relax your mind, body, and soul. 

All my love.  

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