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Where Beauty & Intelligence Intersect

Several months ago
I started vetting the latest top notch chatbot developers after witnessing the value of a  more personable and conversational way of communication with fun experiences for our BE guests.

After meeting Beerud from Gupshup - a partnership was made and we birthed the leading salon chatbot in the industry today - and more on this to come!  Here is a quick article to better understand the future of chatbots. 

BE makes National Recognition
on New Beauty + Tech Solutions


Leading Beauty On Demand with New Intelligent Bot Experiences.

Enough Bot CHAT-ing 

....what's the BENEFIT to YOU?

Meet your beauty concierge on demand.

Here's what we can do together! 

  • Request an appointment anytime/anywhere.   

  • Same day requests or a hair emergency?  YES! that too 

  • Personalized styling tips such as the best haircut based on your face shape 

  • Game changing beauty blueprints

  • Expert behind-the-chair (and facial bed) top strategies

  • Answered FAQ’s to debunk top industry myths

  • SELFIE! Send us your pic to prep your stylist with your upcoming color + cut desires or questions!   

  •  Appointment reminders  

Efficiency, fun experiences and beauty + wellness solutions NOW go HAND in HAND.

This is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Let’s Hit it!

I'll see you on the other side.   xo

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