Balancing Elemental Facial Therapies for Mid-winter Devitalized Skin (Boost Radiance + Deeply Hydrate)

Launching our first lux­u­ri­ous, solution-driven treatments that work to min­i­mize the effects of sea­sonal, lifestyle, dietary,
 hor­monal and envi­ron­men­tal change.


Skin is conditioned and refined. A calmer spirit is returned.


The Chinese Five Elements represents the concept of a supportive flow that spills into a state of constant balance and equilibrium.   This time of year brings us into the energetic shift and transition of winter to spring.  

With our busy lives we miss the observation of nature and a pattern of it’s expressions in how we all live in a greater unification of interconnectedness.

For this reason, we've integrated the key components needed for hydrated and radiant skin with proven balancing methods as Beauty Ecology GOES ELEMENTAL!  


Boosts Radiance  +  Hydrates Deeply

The Goal:
Lackluster Cellular Renewal for Deeper Hydration and Brighter Skin Radiance

The Result:
Increased cellular health and cell to cell communication for softer fine lines and revived clarity and glow.

Pricing & Facial Length Options:
60 Minute Organic Facial ($95)  or 20 Minute Elemental Express Facial ($30) 

Component 1
Evoq Youth Renewal 10X Seed Oil Remedy  

Signature Seed Oils
Organic Cold Press Red Raspberry, Cranberry, Black Cumin, Chia, Carrot Seed
**Clinical Results prove that our synergistic method creates a “power of 10” antioxidant free radical repair to the dermis - resulting in ten times more anti aging benefit of any single oil used when caring for your skin.

Component 2
French + Yellow Clay  

Yellow (Water's Elemental color) + Pure French Clay     
**Studies repute clay to reduce dryness, flakiness, improve clarity and aid in rejuvenation, detoxification and toning of the skin. 

Component 3
Botanical Phytonutrients    

Essential Oil Blend
**Studies prove that essential oils are oxygenators, making oxygen more available to tissues. Essential oils are free radical scavengers and go after areas of oxidation and the highest known source of antioxidants.

 Add-on Cupping Services for Cellular Respiration + Glow

Face & Body Cupping Add-on Services  

By increasing blood flow and circulation to the skin, your skin will regain its youthful appearance.  Results are seen and felt immediately.

Fact:  Lymph can only be activated by manipulation, breathing and movement.
Fact:  The results from 5 minutes of cupping is equivalent to 30 minutes of massage.

Facial Cupping  
*Add On Service to any Facial
Gently and intuitively vacuum cupping and light massage to the skin remove excess water retention (especially held under the eye and jowl area), to stimulate the normal flow of fluids and help remove energy blockages.  
Learn more HERE  

Upper Back Cupping  
20 Minutes (ideal between color process)
35 Minutes
De-stress with aromatic essential oils, chinese cupping, light massage and sound music to levetate daily tension and inner toxic stagnation from the lymphtic system.

 Learn more about Facial Cupping Services HERE. 

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