In a rough patch? Destress your State of Flow (deeper than you think)

As the mornings get brighter and we shift seasons - we stay on topic of elimination with GUIDED RITUALS to open and EXPORT  CHANNELS of TOXICITY and ENERGETIC STAGNANCY - at home and with new services at BE.

No matter a person's belief system, there are fundamental laws of nature and biological similarities we all share. 

Heal your winter hair and skin blues as we connect the dots on ancient principles with modern day solutions. 

Cool Weather Care for Skin Amid Winter

Is your hair and skin routine underperforming?  

Feeling a little undernourished — dry, chapped and dull?  

Mostly likely you’re skin is clogged up with dead cells and hair a bit dull and brittle -  even though you’re  soaking up moisture like a sponge!

Humidity levels drop off in the winter months causing drier air, which in turn, sucks more moisture from your skin, your largest organ. (Not good.)  

 Mid-winter Love with EVOQ
 Beauty Solutions

  Deep Penetrating Hair Mask

A deep, strengthening treatment mask for weekly use or for an urgent hair-therapist “on call”. Hair will feel hydrated and instantly de-frizzed. Our multi-tasking mask soothes scalp irritation and increases blood circulation, which leads to a healthier scalp for optimal longterm hair health.




Healing Hair Oil

Your modern "VO5 treatment," this ultra­-versatile, lightweight hair oil absorbs instantly, giving your hair a healthy, brilliant shine. Made with cold­-pressed fresh and organic oils, this rich elixir harnesses the power of Black Cumin, Rosemary, and Carrot Seed oil to smooth frizz while protecting from damage.  


Sea Pearl Exfoliating Cleanser

A food grade Sea Pearl Brightening Exfoliator polishes the skin’s surface to lift away dead skin cells and smooth dry patches.

After exfoliation, our supercharged Youth Renewal Oil feeds cells with Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 to leave skin silky to the touch and glowing with health.



10X Youth Renewal Facial Serum

Cold-­pressed, organic fruit seed oils rank highest in omega antioxidants that create the “power of 10” anti­aging benefits. Infuse, protect and improve your skin from sensitivities, skin allergies, and environmental aging while enhancing cellular metabolic functions.


Another reason for dull skin, hair and spirit ...


You cannot see it, it slows during the winter and it's critical when it comes to supple, smooth and soft skin and overall stress and tension.  

 Mid-winter STATE OF FLOW ... 

 Journey through your inner terrain with a deeper look at the lymphatic system and how it's state of flow help's achieve better health and clearer skin.  

 How to Thrive in Energetic Winter

 Water is the element associated with the energetic season of Winter.

It hydrates and purifies. It’s a vehicle carrying nourishment to living things–plants, animals, humans. It can be hard or soft, gentle or powerful, flowing or standing still and stagnating.

Outside... looking in. 

Our skin and external beauty is a hologram of our innermost ecosystem.  Just like our earth’s ecosystem, it is an energetic self-regulating and self-sustaining wonderment.   

Keeping Your Lymphatic System Healthy

Often called the “River of Life,” the lymphatic system performs the vital function of removing excess fluid and waste, destroying pathogens, and delivering nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body.

Poor lymph function is associated with chronic fatigue and cancer. Common symptoms of a sluggish lymph system can be fatigue, general body aches and pains, recurrent infections or illness and swollen glands. 

The lymphatic system has no pump to move lymph fluid through the body, so natural approaches can aid and improve the function of our lymphatic system. 

Dry Brushing for Healthy Lymph & Glowing Skin

Move your Lymph with this Easy Home Spa Ritual

Get the Tips and Tools by taking action with dry brushing HERE

Next we'll explore more in depth with modern holistic therapies we now provide at BE to continue to release toxic and energetic stagnancy.

 Skin is left conditioned and refined. A calmer spirit is returned.


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