The #1 KEY Ingredient to Heal Frizz & Damage (to have & to hold)

hair keratin

There is a fundamental relationship with your hair and essential amino acids.  

When left untreated, it undermines both your hair color and the cuticle integrity.  

But, when nurtured and treated right…. It can be a game changer! 

Don’t go it alone.  

The overwhelm of TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING is real -- especially when it comes to walking the Sephora or Ulta beauty isles.  

Don’t waste your money on one trick ponies like shine serum based silicones. They actually hover and pull out your hairs natural moisture content.   
It’s really fundamental.

The Long and Short of it.

No matter what texture and type of locks you have --  fuller, youthful and longer lasting color are all part of every woman’s  #HAIRGOALS!

If bodacious, thick and shiny locks do NOT come naturally to you, the right ingredients and strategic salon services can be game-changing.

Get the quick cliff notes on exactly what to do when it comes to creating your most healthy and happy hair relationship. 

Dull. Destroyed. Devitalized.  

Topic at hand?  


Are you IN?
Fundamentally, shiny and more youthful hair starts at the root…..”aka” your nutrition and the steak on your plate.

Or OUT..
Shinier locks are also a direct reflection of how harsh, synthetic (silicone cheap cover-ups) or chemical laden your home products are.

Another key catalyst of breakage prone and dull hair is from harsh professional chemical services. (See how we address this below).

Perfect Hair Strand Check.

If you have the following strand checklist covered, then no need to read further.

  • Flexible movement and bounce
  • Vibrant color that shines
  • Concealed split ends
  • Strong
  • Thick and full of body

And If not…..Stop and REFLECT as we DELIVER HOW TO GET IT.

cog·ni·tive (2).png

Does your hairstylist have your best interest in mind (and cuticle)?

Hair cannot repair itself, so we have to put back in what was taken out.  Your hair’s condition is paramount and always comes first.   

At BE, we’ve re-engineered your color and home care essentials to keep your hair healthy, shiny and in top condition.

Traditional Hair Color + Amino Acid Degradation
Aside from toxic chemicals and off-gassing fumes harming our health, the traditional components in hair color such as ammonia (and tricky silent substitutions) severely depletes the hair’s delicate integrity and ability to hold your hair color.   

Color Conditioning Technology at BE
When I pioneered our professional color services at Beauty Ecology over 8 years ago, I sought first to remove deplenishing ammonia and peroxide altogether and replaced it with gentle marine enzymes - keeping your hair free of damage.

What happens when your FIRST LAYER of DEFENCE is compromised?

Net Net:  Your cuticle provides the first layer of defense for your hair.

Strand Anatomy
Your hair is made up of the cuticle (outer layer), cortex (middle layer comprised of protein), and the medulla (the center).

The Mane Appearance to Shine
When undamaged, your cuticles lay flat like tiles on a roof and your hair appears shiny.

On the Flip Side….When in Lack of Keratin
When damaged for too long and deprived of what it needs, it can never fully recover. Double the assault, It loses the capability to hold moisture, resulting in frizzy, dry, brittle hair -- as well as the inability to holding a curl and taking longer to dry.


Surviving the Split (ends) & Creating Your Best Happy Hair Relationship

Co-collaborate with our professional BE color team with an end-of-summer Keratin Therapy Session!  

Experience the Benefits with our Keratin Express Add-on to your next hair color!

To Have and to Hold

  • Prolongs hair color and tone
  • Gives fine hair more visible volume and bounce
  • Keeps hair outer layer on lock-down
  • Helps hold and lock in moisture
  • Keeps hair flexible and less prone to breakage  

Get ALL your questions asked about Keratin Services HERE.

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