Time to Ditch Your Skin Type. 😱

Hi there!  

The secrets out, I am doing a complete rebrand for our Organic Beauty line (EVOQ Beauty).  As I set sail to completing our skin diagnostic questionnaire to set you up for a glowing success, you will not be faced with “name and claim” your skin type.  I view "types" as a tool for the state your skin takes on within that moment, time of life, or season.  It is not a definite or absolute. 

Hear me out.   We’ve always been taught to classify our skin type.  

You know…. Fill in the blank:

I have  ________ [ oily, dry, normal, combination, acne-prone... skin ]

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I believe our skin is too complex to fit just one or two descriptions.

Would you define your personality and soul state in just one word?  Right?

Just as our spirit and state of mind can be shifting (hopefully into a high vibe) at any moment, so does our skin.  It’s just as unique and dynamic as you are.

Empathy - even for your skin.
By putting rigid labels on our skin type, we automatically create an image of what our skin needs, instead of tuning in and listening to what it actually wants.

We then limit ourselves to the products we think are suitable for our “skin type”, skimp on a purchase because we rarely need to ( exfoliate, mask, etc) our skin due to dryness, instead of using products that our skin is craving along with it's very own mood shifts.

I also believe a skin care routine can be minimal, and simple.   

Many women are turning back to the skin professional and asking how they can best holistically care for their skin.  Professional facials are a great way to enter a deeper level of regeneration and a opportunity to focus in on your skin's   inner and outer needs at that time.  

Here’s a few suggestions so you can better understand your skin and it’s nuances.  


Understand skin cravings.

Your skin is an ever-changing organ. Stress, diet, sleep, weather, work/school schedule, and hormone levels are all factors that affect your skin condition from day to day. Depending on your needs of the day, you may be reaching for different types of products.

Feel like you're dragging along?

Your skin may be feeling the same. Some gentle exfoliation with fruit acids (AHAs) will help give your skin a little boost so that it can continue its natural process of renewing. Give our cellular awakening mask and exfoliation cleansing treatment (in one) a shot!  

Is your skin congested because you haven’t been eating well or because it has been humid and polluted outside?

BE's professional facials offer a new generation of sea flora acids (peel) to safely reach a safe yet deep level of dermal turnover.  Unclog your pores while reducing inflammation!

Is your skin dehydrated because the summer sun’s got you outdone from being outdoors quite?

Grab a refreshing and hydrating toner as well as a healing serum filled with humectants can help. Serums and toners are most effective when applied right after the shower.

Are you fighting pigmentation from acne, the sun, hormonal dysregulation?

Build a C-Ester and sea algae enriched ritual to create consistency  so both inflammations is reduced and lightening actives can evolve for results over time.

Is your protective barrier compromised, with hot irritation or dry patches from sensitive skin?

Drop the heavy actives and focus on healing the matrix your skin is built on - it’s barrier. Incorporate a product that contains barrier-friendly ingredients, such as ceramides and cold pressed fatty acids rich with natural moisturizing factor and antioxidants.  Our Youth Renew Serum is a top seller and a great option that will help soothe, age defy and rehabilitate your barrier.


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Listen to what your skin loves and what it doesn’t.  

Your skin is incredibly unique. Start paying attention to how your skin reacts to different ingredients instead of listening to the old voice of reason relating to your “skin type.”

Don’t be short sighted.  Commit to your products, and give them the time to work. Two people of the same “skin type” can have very different reactions to the same ingredient.  

Tune out the BS & destress.

Trust the person that knows you inside/out.  Yourself. Once you’ve connected to skin rituals that love you back, have the willpower to stand up to trendy products or crazy promises.    It's proven that stress releases cytokines, in which attack the skin and break down the barrier of protection.  That's a great reason to de-stress. 

Does it cover your skin's fundamental balancing needs?  If we detach from systems and teach ourselves to first position a question - and then listen - we see that even our skin can teach us about ourselves.

No more labels, shoulds, FOMO and “skin types,” and listen to your beautiful ever evolving body and it's largest living organ!

Living Life Awakened - Love Kassandra


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