The Brain + Body Connection 🧠 Is it all emotional?

Does your brain have you pain?

A study was conducted at the TUM School of Medicine, Munich. The team wanted to find the answer to the question, how does the duration of pain affect activities in the brain? They wanted to see into the brain and find out which parts responded to pain in the body.

The findings were incredible and bring great hope.

The Fascinating Study
Test subjects had painful heat applied to one hand over ten minutes. The heat varied. It was light for a time and stronger for a time. At first, the sensory part of the brain reacted to the pain. This is where your brain senses quick pain like pinching a finger in the door. This is what researchers expected to see. But then everything changed!

After just a few minutes, the pain stimuli moved to the frontal cortex. This is where emotions are stored. After the stimuli, it took just moments for the persistent pain to compound and add emotion to the mix.

So what? Why should we care about the location and how the brain reacts to pain?

This is key … and it may unlock the personal “ah-ha” for you when you feel or have the fear of pain coming into the mind and body.

Here’s how it works and what the study revealed in depth.

👉 the emotion uprise and ties into the pain

👉 the signal for pain is now anchored and prolongs after there is NO physical reason to feel it

👉 the brain continues the feedback loop to repeat - going and going and going, keeping the pain as if you’re feeling it, but your body has physically healed from the original injury or trauma.

Perhaps you can think of your own story here, or you’re sitting in emotional pain.

So, do you know someone who suffers from chronic pain - or do you experience pain often?

The good news is there are variable ways you can take control and break away from the Pain Roller Coaster you’re on.

Ok, let’s brain + body review!

  1. After a minutes of pain, the brain allows an emotional component to be a big part of ongoing pain.

  2. Studies share chronic pain is highly emotional, so freeing the emotions - like hypnosis, can alleviate most of many long, term pain problems.


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