Limited Belief Meditation to get CLEAR

Welcome to this Mindfulness Meditation on THINKING ABOUT OUR THOUGHTS! 

What you’ll need: Notebook and a Pen 

Thinking about our thoughts.   


Q: What are the things we tell ourselves on a daily basis. 

Q: Are they aligned with what we want? 

Q: Do they align with our inner core values? 

Thoughts create things and things create our reality.  

When we get clearer in our minds - we are better able to see in our mind's eye (our true authentic spirit self) what we truly want - and only then we are able to start to seeing clear actions to close the gaps in what we want that is true and right for us. 

Join me! Tune out and tune in.

Meditation Transcript

Stay inward -  (Its important not to compare our successes). 

What are the stories and limiting beliefs in what we desire?  

So let’s tune out and tune in by taking a moment and think about our thinking.   

 Take a moment with me to sit with yourself to turn inward and identify what may be some limiting beliefs right now that we can shift and get clear on.   

Closing your eyes, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

 Taking the moment to relax and give time and space for your spirits and soul.  Feel your body relax, shoulders and tension in your eyes and jaw to relax. taking this moment for yourself.  opening your breath, even more, breathing out tension and in light through the center of your heart…that’s right.  

Now that you’re relaxed, bring in and allow two thoughts that are loving and true about yourself.  

“I feel calm in the midst of chaos.”

“I’m humorous and don’t take myself too seriously. “   

Great, now thank your true self for them - and now shifting, into 2 things that may be an inner voice that is not kind, to ourselves.  

So bringing up and allowing 2 things that come up now that are not productive or positive mind chatter to yourself.  

“I’m lazy and never get ahead.”  

“Everyone seems ahead of me and I feel behind” 

Great, now thank your truth and having the courage to look at them.  Seeing them side by side in complete neutrality - and understand we are not our thoughts but they are a guide to our inner subconscious.   

 Great….. Waking up from 1 to 5…counting 1. becoming more away, 2 thank you for this time. 3 shifting back into full presence  4 Fully Present 5. Fully awake.    

Now grab a notebook and write the negative thoughts and shit them to a positive one.

 “I dont have enough time” to “ I have all the time I need”   

 For the Positive, this is a sacred space to keep and remember and remind ourselves about our truth.  

This is a bank of love, compassion, and goodness to drink from.  

For more meditations like this, visit the Awaken Beauty Podcast! @awakenbeautyhq

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