Kasia Launches Small Batch * Artisan * Fair Trade TEA!

Had so much fun packaging our Fair Trade Teas today!  What a gift this will be to my friends/clients!  Make sure to come to the FEB 25th Launch Party to taste and purchase!

Kasia Beautiful Health Tea Small Batch * Artisan * Fair Trade 50 cups per 4 oz tin

Kasia is committed, in partnership, to Fair-trade and Artisan practices to bring you ingredients that are designed and hand-blended in small batches by companies that are operated and owned by families carrying on time-honored traditions, ensuring freshness and one-of-a-kind quality.  Completely natural with no artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring. Dried fruit pieces, nuts, herbal tisanes, and botanicals add amazing flavor and aroma.

Loose Leaf Tea VS Bagged Tea: Loose leaf teas simply offer the best variety, quality, and freshness. “When you are buying a bagged tea, the tea is obscured by the bag. Many low quality teas (even 'tea dust') are sold in bags so that you don't realize the quality, and are subject to going stale faster than loose leaf tea.”

What Earlier Cultures Inherently Knew…

“One cup of black or green tea has more antioxidant power than a serving of broccoli, carrots, or spinach.” Prevention, Aug 1998

  • Aids digestion, promotes bowel regularity.
  • Aids sleep (the theanine in black pure and aged green pure).
  • Provides fluoride for teeth to fight cavities.
  • Helps prevent bad breath.
  • Soothes and helps prevent stress.
  • Flavanoids, antioxidants, ECGC, and MORE!

*Kasia Beautiful Health Teas

  • Cherry Lemongrass Bloom Sencha Green Tea
  • Roasted Cocoa-Coconut Botanical Yerba Mate
  • Sweet Vanilla & French Lemon Crème Roobios Tea
  • Blissful Blueberry & Pomegranate Black Tea

* When steeping, the abundant creations are best suited in larger tea balls.

Hope to sooth your taste buds soon!

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