(MINNEAPOLIS, MN)--Minneapolis organic hair expert and educator Kassie kuehl announced today she will expand her salon services and add 6 full-time staff in a new location called Kasia Organic Salon opening late February at 822 W. 50th-in the Lynhurst neighborhood of Minneapolis. The salon joins the ranks among a number of burgeoning businesses at the up-and-coming corner of 50th and Bryant Ave. including Black Bird Café, Heidi’s, Patina and the new Shop Local. After renting her first salon chair, the space caused her to suffer severe migraine headaches due to the toxic effects of the products she was surrounded by daily.  Kuehl has since made it her mission to provide salon services for women that do not harm the body, particularly when it comes to hair coloring.

“Every day the work I do for my customers affects their body’s largest organ — their skin so it’s my personal duty to treat my clients with services and products that nurture them, not harm them,” Kuehl says.  “It’s also my desire to inform women about what certain products can do for them, and also educate them on the whys as well.  This is especially important for women at risk for breast cancer or trying to get pregnant; they need to understand they have options that support their health and not cause it to break down for the sake of beauty,” Kuehl continued.

Kasia Organic Salon uses hair color that contains no ammonia or mono-ethanolamine (MEA), two common carcinogenic chemicals found in many hair color products.  It also offer its own organic skin care line as well as a number of other hair, skin and body products that are also organic or natural and contain zero of the top 10 most harmful chemicals additives in beauty products linked to conditions such as fertility problems, endocrine system dysfunction, thyroid conditions or cancer.

The salon space itself contains low VOC paint to reduce toxic vapors in the air as well as EMF protection devices on each appliance to minimize the cumulative effects of electric and electro-magnetic waves. Kuehl is also in the process of putting together a salon-recycling program for supplies and used containers as well as old hair dryers.

Opening week specials include 20% off any one product and a First Time Client Special of $20 off any haircut, color or massage.  Interested parties can book an appointment or find out more by calling 612-386-4044 or visiting

Kassie Kuehl is a graduate of the Aveda Institute with more than 10 years experience as a leading hair stylist and hair educator. Striving to have an ongoing relationship with her clients that’s more than skin deep, Kuehl uses her time with them to educate them about natural health and beauty options. In addition to her hair styling accomplishments, Kuehl is both a Certified Pilate’s Instructor and Living Foods Nutritional Expert and Health Coach, and is currently completing a degree in Functional Medicine. Her articles on natural health can be found online in her blog, website, and as a frequent health/beauty writer for in Twin Cities Natural Health magazine.

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