Determine Your Skin Tone * Mineral Makeup Guide

If the veins on your inside wrists are:

Blue: most likely a “cool” skin tone. Green: most likely a “warm” skin tone.


What do cool skin tones look like?

True olive complexions, like most Asians. Latinos and Afro Americans Brown with pink undertones/  Choose shades such as Caterina or Marinanna Minerals.

  • Medium and no color in cheeks
  • Medium with faint pink cheeks
  • Medium with golden undertones
  • Pale with no color in cheeks
  • Pale with pink undertones
  • Brown or bronze when tanned Golden brown when tanned

What color should naturally cool people avoid?

  • Avoid gold, yellow, red and bronze tones, which can make you sallow and drawn.

What colors will complement a cool skin tone?

The best shades, depending on the depth of the colors in your skin tone are;

  • Cool reds, as in burgundy or Bordeaux such as La Viva en Rose Baci or Pansy Lip Sheer.
  • Intense browns with a warm base, like red or blonde to the brown. Choose Suede Eye Shadow, or Sultry Olive. Add cheek color such as Tangerine or Pink Sorbet
  • Highlight with cool shades like, Wheat, Honey or Taupe or a cool ash brown.


What do warm skin tones look like? Choose mineral shades such as Marta, Umbria and Sophia.

  • Pale with peach or gold undertones
  • Golden brown when tanned

What color should naturally warm skin toned people avoid?

  • Naturally warm people should avoid blue, violet, white and jet-black hair. These colors next to your skin can make you look washed out.

What colors will most complement warm skin tones?

  • Deep rich browns like, chocolate, chestnut or auburns as a base. Highlight with warm golds and reds or copper. Choose Eye shadows such as Chocolate, Grapevine and Eggplant…Also Mocha or Dylan Blush and Blossom or Copper Lip Color.

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