How do Kasia Color Services DIFFER from other "Ammonia Free Color lines?"

I cannot believe it's been almost 3 years since a local distributor contacted me to start testing the now used Ammonia Free Color Line at Kasia Organic Salon.....After becoming the local educator, and gaining knowledge to science and difference to other hair colors on the market, my fellow hair stylists are finally starting to see the benefit of utilizing a more integritive color formulation.

The new team at Kasia Organic Salon caught on very fast in how to shift to a European Color System.  We recieve  many phone calls of anxious women and fashionista's wanting this better option!

Questions are answered regularly of how the line used at Kasia Salon differs from other "Ammonia Free" lines, icluding ones sold at Whole Foods and Co-ops.  Aside from it being VOID of MEA - I will leave the laundry list aside, and direct you back to the following article.

With all of this said, the market is starting to catch up.  L'Oreal, "a Fortune 500 Co. and beyond..."  has caught on to the trend to add to their bottom line investmet.

Below we share a few points of difference of the Ammonia Free color line used by
Kasia Organic Salon Colorists VS newly "INOA"

L'Oreal Professional will be launching a no-ammonia hair color "INOA" nationwide in the U.S. in January. The line has been used in two dozens Kerastase salons for a few months.

1. INOA replaces ammonia with ethanolamine (MEA), a carcinogen, while our line's alkaline agent to open the cuticle is based on a plant-derived amino acid.

There are at least 12 other professional and consumer brands replace ammonia with MEA, including Organic Color Systems, Perfecta-Faipa, Farouk-Chi, Nutritint and Herbatint. 2. Most existing MEA-based products have long-term performance problems due to its sticky chemical property imparted on the hair-shaft, causing hair color to oxidize every time it is washed. The INOA system has to  include a special wash to better remove the residual color after processing.

3. INOA "adapted" the oil conditioning base for better depositing, which was originally created by the line used at Kasia Salon.  The oil base comes in a separate bottle apart from the dyes. Therefore, the stylists inquires additional waste/tasks, and has to mix three components to make any color.

4. It does not seem to contain anti-oxidants, or at a low enough level that it is not part of the product's performance or marketing claim. The anti-oxidants in ]will enhance delivery and they contribute to the longevity of the colors tremendously.

5.  Comparably, it is less flexible as to demi-permanent and pre-filling the hair for better and lasting results to compromised hair, lacking ability to fine-tuning the results desired.

6. It uses a traditional and cheaper 2-base alkalinity system as compare to our refined tri-base system.  Kasia Organic Salon invests in companies that do not cut corners, our tri-base system gives the hair color much more depth, and helps VOID color fadage, especially to coppers and reds.

As you can see, Kasia Organic Salon's Color services compare very favorable to INOA, and at the same time, CELEBRATE the rising competition and steps toward the betterment and advancement in this industry I so love.

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