Protect your Hair from Sun and Water Stressors & Upcoming Event!

"Whoofta kassie, beside taming FrIzZ (thank gosh for Hamadi Leave In Conditoiner) in this HEAT,  water issues such as swimmers Chlorine and Hard Water is a seasonal "Informed Beauty" topic as of late.

Chlorine (and other chemicals out of our shower head) is used in pools to help reduce the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses. While that's good news for an infection, it's not so good of news for you and/or your children's hair.   Chlorine leaves the hair and skin desert-like dry, split ends, dull, and a GREEN ray of dimension to your beautiful tresses.

Options to prevent Chlorine and Sun Damaged Hair.

BEFORE you get in the pool, we suggest rinsing your hair with water in the addition of a few Sprays of our NEW BABO Cucumber Aloe Vera detangler/conditioning spray.  "This fills the cuticle layer, adds a UV Filter with Wild Pansey that helps resist effects of chlorine, salt and sun and leaves less room for the chlorine to seep in [and do damage]."

If possible, always swim with a cap, and/or coat your wet tresses with an moisturizing conditioner before getting in the pool which acts as a barrier.

The Effects

Exposing your hair to the summer sun, salts, and pool water can cause the following adverse effects to hair:

* Hair feels dry, brittle.

* Hair is difficult to comb through; tangles easily.

* Hair moves in sections; clumps together.

* Hair feels gummy, has a fiberglass appearance.

* Hair is discolored. Blonde hair turns green (often referred to as swimmers' green hair) and brunettes tint darker.

Chlorine and Copper are two elements in our everyday and pool water that can cause damage to your hair, scalp and skin.


Option 1:

Invest in Kasia At-Home or In-Salon Hair Treatment approach can:

* Remove the build up of chlorine and copper that has attached to hard/swimmers' hair.

* Rebuild hair proteins that have been damaged by chlorine and copper.

* Remove discoloration caused by copper.

* Restore shine, manageability and health to hair.

* Replenish moisture that has been oxidized by hard water, chlorine, air and sun.

* Gently cleanse hair and remove elements without using harsh ingredients.

Option 2:

Affordable Certified Organic Everyday Shampoo, Detangler, and Body Wash for the BABE and Momma too!

Our Momma's love Babo for the option of a lower price point option, supreme color protection, and certified, no fuss ingredient option!

Wash hair and body thoroughly after pool, beach or active play (gently enough for babies). Or, dispense directly in bath for a cleansing bubble bath. Follow with UV/Detangling Conditioning Spray.


*  Replenishes, hydrates and purifies hair, scalp and skin after pool or beach.

* Corn-derived chelator removes chlorine, salt, pollution and grime

* Soothing Aloe Vera and Cucumber moisturize & comfort scalp and skin

* Plant-based conditioners leave hair soft, smooth and shiny

Cucumber Aloe Vera UV and Detangling Conditioning Spray

*  Keep active one's hair hydrated and protected

* Plant-based conditioners help combat UV damage and dryness

* UV Filter Wild Pansey helps resist effects of chlorine, salt and sun

* Organic Aloe Vera and Cucumber revitalize and replenish moisture

* Plant-based moisturizers smooth and detangle damp or dry hair.


If your hair has already spent too much time in the deep end-come on in to Kasia for a professional clarifying treatment or stop by for our easy at-home detoxifying products.

"Oh yah, don't forget a deep condition for your hair and skin's well-being, your hair will appreciate the break from chemicals.

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tea A Few Benefits:

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·       Soothes digestive system

·       Boosts immunity


HOW!  Green  tea promotes ones fat tissue oxidation.  This means that the active ingredients rev up the body's metabolism to use up all the fat that it has stored.

SO WHAT?   Our body's natural tendency is to store energy as fat for emergency.  Zen my dear? Well, we know that the active-go-go-getter -  Informed Beauty lacks time for exercise (AND THIS IS NO EXCUSE), but your body is more prone to store fat..   We won't even get into hormones and fat storage...just yet!


By Drinking our Cherry Lemongrass Bloom, is a delicious way to increases your energy consumption in a way that's compatible with your body.

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