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Clients RAVE about Kasia Express Keratin Treatment!

You like to think you're in "good condition" ... but truly under the flat iron those frazzled locks need some extra lovin' to make that come true. Improve that condition, with your Kasia Stylist with our QUICK Semi De-Frizz Keratin Treatment. This revolutionary conditioning therapy puts damper on your frizz while strengthing the hair.  The more you do - the better the shape your hair is!   Keratin is sealed into your hair, and you instantly get amazing shine, and silkiness. Clients are raving over this quick treatment that makes hair more manageable, smoother, faster to dry and easier-to-style.   (* A more permanent smoother is also available)

NEW Express Keratin Treatment at Kasia!

Take a small bit of your time  to go deep down to reconstruct your stressed, dry or damaged hair with protein, moisture, strength and shine.

Appointment time frame for the busy Informed Beaute'

Wash * Deep Condition * Apply Keratin Protein and Style! 45 minutes for full treatment  & only an extra 15 minutes if added to a color!

Frizzy and dry hair needs a deep Conditioner for moisture teamed up with a  high concentrations of protein, amino acids and other essential nutrients in order to build and protect. The results are long lasting but not permanent. The more often you use it, the more beautiful your hair will be.

Kasia Express Keratin Treatment –

This professional, semi-permanent service creates smooth, shiny texture through a enriching, chemical free, and deposit-only process.  Results last 7 to 10 shampoos. It’s the go-to solution if you are seeking a sleeker look without the commitment returns to its original texture.

**This $50 treatment lasts for two to three weeks and takes 45-60 minutes.   Add a treatment to your hair color (additional 15 minutes) and receive 35% OFF!


Relaxing Keratin Treatments

The new  relaxing curl  and de-frizz treatment is 100% formaldehyde free. We promise!

There has been a lot of underlying controversy surrounding the Brazilian Keratin treatment.

Formaldehyde-based Smoothing Treatments contain fumes from the treatments are unhealthy to both the guest and the stylists administering the service. I (Kassie, Owner of Kasia)  have talked to two chemists to truly understand the issue of ingredients, as well as looked at many of the current lines available. I’ve found two thus far that meet a standard of safe use at Kasia Organic Salon.  Our commitment is to continuously seek any “better or cleaner” product  for our guests.

Many Salons claim their product is best for your hair. Some companies even claim they are formaldehyde free when in fact, they are not.   Kasia promises to bring you truth and the research to back up our educated decisions of services materials.

Call to make an appointment today!  612 824 7611

Protect your Hair from Sun and Water Stressors & Upcoming Event!

"Whoofta kassie, beside taming FrIzZ (thank gosh for Hamadi Leave In Conditoiner) in this HEAT,  water issues such as swimmers Chlorine and Hard Water is a seasonal "Informed Beauty" topic as of late.

Chlorine (and other chemicals out of our shower head) is used in pools to help reduce the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses. While that's good news for an infection, it's not so good of news for you and/or your children's hair.   Chlorine leaves the hair and skin desert-like dry, split ends, dull, and a GREEN ray of dimension to your beautiful tresses.

Options to prevent Chlorine and Sun Damaged Hair.

BEFORE you get in the pool, we suggest rinsing your hair with water in the addition of a few Sprays of our NEW BABO Cucumber Aloe Vera detangler/conditioning spray.  "This fills the cuticle layer, adds a UV Filter with Wild Pansey that helps resist effects of chlorine, salt and sun and leaves less room for the chlorine to seep in [and do damage]."

If possible, always swim with a cap, and/or coat your wet tresses with an moisturizing conditioner before getting in the pool which acts as a barrier.

The Effects

Exposing your hair to the summer sun, salts, and pool water can cause the following adverse effects to hair:

* Hair feels dry, brittle.

* Hair is difficult to comb through; tangles easily.

* Hair moves in sections; clumps together.

* Hair feels gummy, has a fiberglass appearance.

* Hair is discolored. Blonde hair turns green (often referred to as swimmers' green hair) and brunettes tint darker.

Chlorine and Copper are two elements in our everyday and pool water that can cause damage to your hair, scalp and skin.


Option 1:

Invest in Kasia At-Home or In-Salon Hair Treatment approach can:

* Remove the build up of chlorine and copper that has attached to hard/swimmers' hair.

* Rebuild hair proteins that have been damaged by chlorine and copper.

* Remove discoloration caused by copper.

* Restore shine, manageability and health to hair.

* Replenish moisture that has been oxidized by hard water, chlorine, air and sun.

* Gently cleanse hair and remove elements without using harsh ingredients.

Option 2:

Affordable Certified Organic Everyday Shampoo, Detangler, and Body Wash for the BABE and Momma too!

Our Momma's love Babo for the option of a lower price point option, supreme color protection, and certified, no fuss ingredient option!

Wash hair and body thoroughly after pool, beach or active play (gently enough for babies). Or, dispense directly in bath for a cleansing bubble bath. Follow with UV/Detangling Conditioning Spray.


*  Replenishes, hydrates and purifies hair, scalp and skin after pool or beach.

* Corn-derived chelator removes chlorine, salt, pollution and grime

* Soothing Aloe Vera and Cucumber moisturize & comfort scalp and skin

* Plant-based conditioners leave hair soft, smooth and shiny

Cucumber Aloe Vera UV and Detangling Conditioning Spray

*  Keep active one's hair hydrated and protected

* Plant-based conditioners help combat UV damage and dryness

* UV Filter Wild Pansey helps resist effects of chlorine, salt and sun

* Organic Aloe Vera and Cucumber revitalize and replenish moisture

* Plant-based moisturizers smooth and detangle damp or dry hair.


If your hair has already spent too much time in the deep end-come on in to Kasia for a professional clarifying treatment or stop by for our easy at-home detoxifying products.

"Oh yah, don't forget a deep condition for your hair and skin's well-being, your hair will appreciate the break from chemicals.

Julie Tebben is back to join Kasia Salon and Friends to learn why and how to address the three top weightloss and wellness inhibitors!

Top 3:

Your Sexy Hormones Digestive system Detoxification Pathways

Monday, July 19th 6:15 PM Kasia Organic Salon "The hormonal system regulates our metabolic rate and controls how we burn body fat, the digestive system provides us the nutrients we need to burn body fat and the detoxification system, when not working properly, prevents the burning of fat stores"

Limited Space.   RSVP and REGISTER TODAY!

Skin Health SUMMER SALE! Purchase Combo Savings!

Buy any 1 Kasia TEA of your choice

& receive 45% OFF onCure Cream and/or soPure Exfoliating and Moisture Mask!

$40 in SAVINGS!


Cherry Lemongrass Bloom Sencha Green Tea is the perfect blend of flavors - stimulating and soothing.  Often referred to as "guest tea," Sencha is made from a higher quality leaf that is rich in vitamin C.

tea A Few Benefits:

·       Sweet and Light Sweet Flavor

·       Soothes digestive system

·       Boosts immunity


HOW!  Green  tea promotes ones fat tissue oxidation.  This means that the active ingredients rev up the body's metabolism to use up all the fat that it has stored.

SO WHAT?   Our body's natural tendency is to store energy as fat for emergency.  Zen my dear? Well, we know that the active-go-go-getter -  Informed Beauty lacks time for exercise (AND THIS IS NO EXCUSE), but your body is more prone to store fat..   We won't even get into hormones and fat storage...just yet!


By Drinking our Cherry Lemongrass Bloom, is a delicious way to increases your energy consumption in a way that's compatible with your body.

To view Other Beautiful Health Tea's, Click HERE!

We know you face choices everyday regarding where to spend your time, and at Kasia, we sincerely appreciate you spending it with us.  We never take your trust for granted, and want to earn it everyday.  We take great pleasure in the "Beautiful Health" Beauty service alternatives, and we aim to exceed your expectations!  Please consider telling the your "community" how much you love us on (Review) or sending in a friendly referral. We'll keep loving you right back!

Top 10 Toxic Ingredients for the Informed Beauty!

Hey Informed Beauty! You may not be aware of is that those same products you use to enhance your God given beauty may be causing serious effects on your health.

These are just a few of the top potentially toxic ingredients that can be found in your every day cosmetics.

1. DEA, TEA, Diethanolamine, Triethanolamine:Emulsifier and/or foaming agent.  Skin sensitizer, can form carcinogenic nitrosamine compounds in the skin or body after absorption if mixed with nitrosating agents.  A respiratory toxin, neurotoxicity hazard and immunotoxicity hazard.

2. Dibutyl Phthalate, DBP: Possible reproductive or developmental toxin, potential endocrine disruptor, skin sensitizer, immune system toxin, gastrointestinal or liver toxicant, kidney toxicant, and neurotoxin. The European Union has found it to be dangerous for the environment, very toxic to aquatic organisms and has banned it from use in cosmetics. The EPA Water Quality Standards Database states it is a priority water pollutant under the Clean Water Act and a hazardous air pollutant under the Clean Air Act.

3. Formaldehyde, Formalin: EWG lists it as a known human carcinogen, skin and lung sensitizer, gastrointestinal or liver toxicant and neurotoxin.

4. Parabens, alkyl parahydroxybenzoate, butylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparabens: Widely used as a preservative in cosmetics.  Have been assessed as hormonally active, possible endocrine disruptor, skin sensitizer and skin or sense organ toxicant. Recents scientific studies in the U.K. found a strong link between parabens and the increasing rate of breast cancer in women, Researchers found a high concentration of paragons in tumors tested.

5. Petrolatum, petroleum jelly: Emollient or lubricant.  Potentially contaminated with impurities linked to cancer or other significant health problems. The European Union has banned petrolatum from use in cosmetics.

6. Propylene Glycol, Proptylene Glycol, 1,2-Propanediol. Related synthetics: PEG (polyethylene glycol) and PPG (polypropylene glycol):  Used as humectants (to retain moisture).  Penetration enhancer, which alters skin structure, allowing other chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin, increasing the amounts of other chemicals that reach the bloodstream.  Suspected respiratory toxin, immunotoxicity and neurotoxicity hazard.

7. Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Anhydrous Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Irium: Used as a surfactant (makes it foamy).  Penetration enhancer.

8. Talc, Talcum: potentially contaminated with harmful impurities linked to cancer or other significant health problems and a respiratory toxicant. Scientific studies have shown that routine application of talcum powder to the genital area is linked with a three-to-four  fold increase in the development of ovarian cancer.

9. 1,4-dioxane: A carcinogenic contaminant of cosmetic products. Almost 50% of cosmetics containing ethoxylated surfactants were found to contain dioxane. May exert its effects through inhalation, skin absorption, and ingestion.

10. Isopropyl Alcohol: Alcohol is used as a solvent in many skin care products. It causes skin irritation and also strips the skin of its natural acid promoting the growth of bacteria, moulds and viruses. It may also cause premature aging of skin.

Next time you go shopping for cosmetics or skin care products PRINT and POCKET our TOP TEN CARD in your purse, and please......take a few moments to read the labels.


Kasia Organic Salon joins Recycle Bank! Weigh in and redeem!

This program gives you----Kasia Informed Beauty---- points for the weight of your recyclables that you can use for discounts at Kasia Organic Salon!

Recycle and earn points to spend at Kasia Organic Salon.

It's simple. Recycle, your can is weighed. Then log in and redeem points, choose Kasia  for your coupon.

Recycle Bank is new to the area, and more cities are planned to be added.

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You’ve Been Greenwashed!

"Aah.... with the NEW salon door wide open, FRESH the team at Kasia Organic Salon is truly enjoying  meeting new SW MPLS neighbors, we also appreciate all of those whom travel from afar  (Ie: Big Lake, St. Criox, Farmington, more!)  investing in their health and  NEW BEAUTY.

Did you catch Kasia on WCCO NEWS?

Approaching   'Earth Day,' our company commits to continually being sustainable, resourceful,  and educating our guests and readers of what the potential of  what  "Green" truly is.


Kasia Loose Leaf, Artisan,  Fair Trade Tea's are the latest best seller! 50 Cups per 4 Oz!




Sunday, APRIL 18th 4-6 pm



25% OFF a Nontoxique hand cleanser * Drop Off!

Wednesday, April 21 2pm – 8pm

Stop by Kasia Orgaic Salon and drop of your toxic antibacterial hand soap or just take a few minutes to learn more. Your trade in will redeem 25% OFF a Nontoxique hand cleanser!  Plus meet  fabulous Sheila, owner of NONTOXIQUE!


Enjoy our "Informed Beauty" article (ALSO found in May's Issue of TC Natural Magazine!)

You’ve Been Greenwashed!

How to Make the Best Natural and Organic Product Choices

“Green or Eco-friendly packaging, ingredients, soil, and sourcing?  How do we ensure that each of us can make a difference in health and sustainability in our own, personal way?“

Did you know that most consumer personal care and lifestyle products have a high number of harmful chemicals and additives that can negatively affect your health, hair, skin, and body? With that in mind, it is so important to put critical thought into the products you are using, especially since any ingredients within your personal care  products can be absorbed into your body to negatively affect your circulatory system.

The first thing to take into consideration is the type of product you are purchasing. Kassie, owner of Minneapolis’ first natural and organic salon, screens all products first for their ingredients and long term safety, followed by their finishing results for the consumer.  As pioneer(s), Kasia Organic Salon is proud to "educate women, build trust, and cut through the greenwashing."

Within the growing buzz of eco-friendly awareness,  there are products that may unfortunately claim to be green when they truly don't live up to expectations. This process is called greenwashing.

What Is Greenwashing?

For a product to be labeled as natural and organic, it is so important that it lives up to strict standards to ensure that all ingredients are safe and usable. It is difficult to differentiate which products may be the best since many seals look similar or are regulated by different agencies. Greenwashing refers to a product that claims to be green or eco-friendly, but unfortunately, may not live up to strict standards in safety. A greenwashed product may use clever advertising to appear natural, though it still may not contain ingredients that are certified as organic.

Examples of a Greenwash:

ý Clairol is an example of a company that claims to offer a "truly organic experience" with its Herbal Essences line of shampoos but, according to the report, uses chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, and D&C red no. 33, which are not organic. (The report notes that Clairol does use some organic ingredients, does not test on animals, and uses 25 percent post-consumer recycled plastic in its bottles.)

ý Tyson Chicken promotes its products as "all natural," even though the company treats its chicken with antibiotics.

Be an Educated Consumer!

These days, the savvy consumer must keep in mind that many product lines are playing into the eco-friendly and green market to meet their bottom line motives. To further educate yourself, it is best to look for trustworthy certifications to guarantee that a product is safe and organic to protect the health of your body and the health of your skin!

Taking Steps Toward Improvement

According to the website, “Understanding the demographics of green consumerism helps business owners to explore the environmental market. Research has shown that green consumers are sincere in their intentions, with a growing commitment to greener lifestyles; almost always judge their environmental practices as inadequate; do not expect companies to be perfect in order to be considered ‘green’. Rather, they look for companies that are taking substantive steps and have made a commitment to improve.”

What to Look for:

ý    Look for the top two product seals to certify green ingredients: USDA and the Green Seal. (Try USDA certified Mercola Healthy Skin products and Simple Green certified cleaning products.)

ý    Read all ingredient labels carefully to make sure that chemical and preservative ingredients are not included. (Avoid chemical ingredients in Cover Girl, L’Oreal, and Maybelline.)

ý    Look for products that are cruelty free and not tested on animals. (Try Hamadi Hair Care and La Bella Donna Minerals.)

ý    Look for concentrated cleaning products that contain less water and use less energy to produce. 

ý    Avoid all aerosol products, which can be dangerous to users and the environment. (Avoid Redken Forceful 23 Hairspray and Aussie Flexible Control Mega Hair Spray.)

ý    Look for recycled product containers, which may not be the most attractive, but minimize the impact on the environment.

ý    Use online resources to find certified green products at and cruelty free products at

What About the Claim “Au-Naturale”?

Everyone should be familiar with the “all-natural” claim.  Most people assume that “all-natural” or “naturally-pure” means safe, good, or green, but unfortunately, this is not always the case.

"Natural" on a package doesn't necessarily mean a product is good for the Earth.

Chemicals and pesticides come from nature. Aveeno Active Naturals body lotions, for example, contain oatmeal and come in earth-toned bottles printed with plant leaves, but the products are also made with petrolatum, a byproduct of petroleum, which is a finite resource whose processing pollutes the air and water.

Unless a specific definition or explanation is offered, this claim is committing one of Environmental Marketing’s Seven Sins of Greenwashing - the Sin of Vagueness, claims Co. TerraChoice.  In this study launched in 2009, researchers found that 27% of supposedly “green” cleaning products studied in the U.S. were committing the Sin of Vagueness.

Companies and consumers should keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfectly “green” product: environmentally preferable products are “greener”, not “green.” Environmental progress will happen one step at a time, and individuals have an enormous ability to help demand and shape the marketplace to require greater measures taken in safety and transparency.

Now that sounds like a “natural” solution, doesn’t it?

Kassie Kuehl is a respected leader and educator in natural health and beauty care. The founder of Kasia Organic Salon and many result orientated "beautiful health" products, and experts in ammonia free hair color.  Kasia remains on the cutting edge of all-natural, chemical free, and organic professional hair, skin, and body products and services.

Become an Informed Beauty, contact Kassie at 612.824.7611

or visit

....continue to become an informed beauty, and to not settle for anything less than total transparency, accountability, and commitment to quality, safety, and effectiveness. You--and your skin--deserve the best of everything in holistic beauty and health.

Your dry skin, hair, dust and minerals....

Ammonia Hair Color is on the MOVE!!

class I recently attended a "train the trainer" session with my color company, and can I say...."It's so delightful to see other states/regions picking up the benefits of a result orientated color line safe for the guest and the stylist!

HOLIDAZE!! Its only 5 1/2 weeks away!

Do not forget to book your holiday appointments to assure you receive a  stress free visit of "beautiful health" at

Kasia Organic Salon.  612 386 4044

Experience natural shine and long lasting tones with 100% grey coverage.

Revolutionary Permanent Hair Color fortified with anti-oxidant grape seed extract, vitamin B5, lipids, rice protein and essential oils. iStock_000001307672Small Benefits: Hair structure is improved & moisturized while coloring Pleasant experience: no fumes, no heat, no irritations Natural shine: no silicones, mica, copolymers or mineral oils

Informed beautylogotype

Welcome to the latest Informed Beauty Newsletter!

With the beautiful temped weather the past few days, I can bet you've had your windows open trying to get all the "legging virus bugs" out of your home....

Over the last month so many clients have been asking me why their hair has suddenly become so dry and dull ? ? ?

Dust and Minerals.

Yep, it's darn annoying, dirty, all this dust is dehydrating your hair and Skin. The ultra fine dust particles are sucking the natural oils and moisture up off our skin, and leaving a layer of dirt on your hair making it knotty & dull.

The solution is . . . . Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment (Hamadi Mask Treatment) to replace lost nutrients, & it will be back shining in no time.

Masking with Hamadi is a perfect weekly indulgence or daily essential for hair in need of repair, replenishment and color maintenance. Avocado oil silkens and aloe vera hydrates from roots to ends. Leaves the hair feeling sensuous and touchable. Made with 100% Organic Essential Oils and Plant Extracts. Completely biodegradable. Absolutely no artificial ingredients. No perfumes or colors. Tested on Actresses - Never on animals.


In spending time with clients, I am highly aware of how environmental conditions in their area affect their clients’ hair and skin. Over 85 percent of the population in the U.S., according to the Water Quality Association, is bathing with hard water.

Minerals found in water at home are continuously exposed to hair during bathing. Since hot or warm water is usually selected to wash hair, the cuticle is opened, allowing positively charged elements, such as minerals, to get inside the cuticle and attach to the protein.

Three ways calcium affects hair:

  1. Create a wall that blocks salon chemicals from processing properly
  2. Build-up on the scalp causing flaking, often thought of as dandruff. These deposits are much like the “bathtub rig” associated with hard water and bath soap
  3. Increased hair loss by clogging the mouth of the follicle causing hair to break off and coat the scalp, blocking further hair growth.

A Soft Water generator is NOT always the answer. Ask me why...

Improve your color, tangles, static, and MORE..... Malibu Mineral Chelation Packets at Kasia Salon

Features & Benefits

  • * Prepares hair for superior color
  • * Gently yet effectively removes minerals from hair that inhibit proper processing of color
  • * Extends life of vibrant color to prevent fading
  • * Helps prevent brassiness or discoloration
  • * Accelerates processing time of color
  • * Protects scalp from itching or burning caused by oxidizing chemicals

Only $4.99 per packet/use! Buy 3 & Get 1 FREE!

With that in mind I thought I would answer one more frequently asked questions I get from our clients in the Salon each week.

Q. How Do I Know What Hair Style to Choose?

* If you are wanting to have a NEW LOOK then the first step is to start looking at pictures ..You can do this in advance through magazines or on the internet.. You might be suprised how quickly you discover a common style that draws your attention, even if you previously had no clear idea in mind.

* If you've got a picture, bring it in.. don't feel shy it's a great way for you to easily explain to your stylist what your thinking.

* Ensure you give your stylist as much information as possible about your hair texture and problem areas. As well as letting them know how much effort you put into your hair at home and how much maintenance you are willing to do.

* If you are still unsure of exactly what it is that you want from your stylecut or colour, let your stylist know what it is that you Don't Want, often it is much easier to tell us what you don't like or what hasn't worked for you in the past.

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