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Kasia Cool*Down Hair Rehab Tips!

The Kasia Team has been very busy with our Informed Beauty Bella's …repairing, moisturizing and color corrections from the  summer fade.

"Don't doubt the fact there's life within you. Yesterday's ending will tomorrow life give you. All that dies, dies for a reason, To put it's strength into the seasons.

Simple hair rehab tips!

1. Brush before you shampoo

Brush before you shampoo ad jump in the shower.  This action stimulates the scalp and promotes blood flow to deliver nutrients like oxygen to the hair follicle.  Brushing also reduces product buildup and scalp flakes.

2. Clarify the scalp and shaft!

Get  rid of build up from hard water and synthetics (silicon and petroleum are hidden in many hair care products …even Aveda).   Over time hard water can make hair look lackluster and impart a brassy hue to tresses. The damaging minerals can also make hair a tangle town mess - hard and difficult to be managed.

3. Moisture Me!

The  Kasia  team strongly suggests our custom professional deep conditioning treatment once a month. This is a great way to relax and keep your hair healthy and shiny in the cooler months. If this isn’t in their budget, we recommend our at home products:

Hamadi Moisturizing Mask

John Masters Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer

(Apply the product to clean, damp hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse out.)

4. Air dry!

We encourage our clients to try and let their hair dry slightly before blowing it completely dry. The less hot air they infuse into their locks with the drier, the more moisture they will seal in from their shampoo and conditioning products.

5.  Keep frizz away.

Frizzy hair is one of the worst things about the  approaching cool weather dryness (think static cling, hat hair…ect.) Kasia’s upcoming shampoo and conditioner launch will have ingredients to help  ‘tame the frizz,” but in the meantime….try Shine On from John Masters or Hamadi Shea Spray, an anti-frizz and moisture protector that is applied to towel-dried, damp hair.

Beautiful Health Nutrition

We are what we eat.  The same rules apply for the health of the hair. Adequate amounts of protein and minerals can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of hair and skin


Our Kasia Skin Care “enMoist” moisturizer delivers  the proper nutrition in direct antioxidants of Vitamins A and C, and E which are essential to maintaining stability, protection, building block, and more.


Add dark green leafy vegetables have both vitamin A and C and also provide you with calcium and iron too. Beans are not only good for the heart, but promote hair growth with a punch of protein. 3 or more cups of legumes a week is recommended.

Other excellent sources of protein include nuts, poultry, and eggs. Create your plate!

Protect your Hair from Sun and Water Stressors & Upcoming Event!

"Whoofta kassie, beside taming FrIzZ (thank gosh for Hamadi Leave In Conditoiner) in this HEAT,  water issues such as swimmers Chlorine and Hard Water is a seasonal "Informed Beauty" topic as of late.

Chlorine (and other chemicals out of our shower head) is used in pools to help reduce the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses. While that's good news for an infection, it's not so good of news for you and/or your children's hair.   Chlorine leaves the hair and skin desert-like dry, split ends, dull, and a GREEN ray of dimension to your beautiful tresses.

Options to prevent Chlorine and Sun Damaged Hair.

BEFORE you get in the pool, we suggest rinsing your hair with water in the addition of a few Sprays of our NEW BABO Cucumber Aloe Vera detangler/conditioning spray.  "This fills the cuticle layer, adds a UV Filter with Wild Pansey that helps resist effects of chlorine, salt and sun and leaves less room for the chlorine to seep in [and do damage]."

If possible, always swim with a cap, and/or coat your wet tresses with an moisturizing conditioner before getting in the pool which acts as a barrier.

The Effects

Exposing your hair to the summer sun, salts, and pool water can cause the following adverse effects to hair:

* Hair feels dry, brittle.

* Hair is difficult to comb through; tangles easily.

* Hair moves in sections; clumps together.

* Hair feels gummy, has a fiberglass appearance.

* Hair is discolored. Blonde hair turns green (often referred to as swimmers' green hair) and brunettes tint darker.

Chlorine and Copper are two elements in our everyday and pool water that can cause damage to your hair, scalp and skin.


Option 1:

Invest in Kasia At-Home or In-Salon Hair Treatment approach can:

* Remove the build up of chlorine and copper that has attached to hard/swimmers' hair.

* Rebuild hair proteins that have been damaged by chlorine and copper.

* Remove discoloration caused by copper.

* Restore shine, manageability and health to hair.

* Replenish moisture that has been oxidized by hard water, chlorine, air and sun.

* Gently cleanse hair and remove elements without using harsh ingredients.

Option 2:

Affordable Certified Organic Everyday Shampoo, Detangler, and Body Wash for the BABE and Momma too!

Our Momma's love Babo for the option of a lower price point option, supreme color protection, and certified, no fuss ingredient option!

Wash hair and body thoroughly after pool, beach or active play (gently enough for babies). Or, dispense directly in bath for a cleansing bubble bath. Follow with UV/Detangling Conditioning Spray.


*  Replenishes, hydrates and purifies hair, scalp and skin after pool or beach.

* Corn-derived chelator removes chlorine, salt, pollution and grime

* Soothing Aloe Vera and Cucumber moisturize & comfort scalp and skin

* Plant-based conditioners leave hair soft, smooth and shiny

Cucumber Aloe Vera UV and Detangling Conditioning Spray

*  Keep active one's hair hydrated and protected

* Plant-based conditioners help combat UV damage and dryness

* UV Filter Wild Pansey helps resist effects of chlorine, salt and sun

* Organic Aloe Vera and Cucumber revitalize and replenish moisture

* Plant-based moisturizers smooth and detangle damp or dry hair.


If your hair has already spent too much time in the deep end-come on in to Kasia for a professional clarifying treatment or stop by for our easy at-home detoxifying products.

"Oh yah, don't forget a deep condition for your hair and skin's well-being, your hair will appreciate the break from chemicals.

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Cherry Lemongrass Bloom Sencha Green Tea is the perfect blend of flavors - stimulating and soothing.  Often referred to as "guest tea," Sencha is made from a higher quality leaf that is rich in vitamin C.

tea A Few Benefits:

·       Sweet and Light Sweet Flavor

·       Soothes digestive system

·       Boosts immunity


HOW!  Green  tea promotes ones fat tissue oxidation.  This means that the active ingredients rev up the body's metabolism to use up all the fat that it has stored.

SO WHAT?   Our body's natural tendency is to store energy as fat for emergency.  Zen my dear? Well, we know that the active-go-go-getter -  Informed Beauty lacks time for exercise (AND THIS IS NO EXCUSE), but your body is more prone to store fat..   We won't even get into hormones and fat storage...just yet!


By Drinking our Cherry Lemongrass Bloom, is a delicious way to increases your energy consumption in a way that's compatible with your body.

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We know you face choices everyday regarding where to spend your time, and at Kasia, we sincerely appreciate you spending it with us.  We never take your trust for granted, and want to earn it everyday.  We take great pleasure in the "Beautiful Health" Beauty service alternatives, and we aim to exceed your expectations!  Please consider telling the your "community" how much you love us on Yelp.com (Review) or sending in a friendly referral. We'll keep loving you right back!

What’s Hiding in Your Water & your HAIR & SCALP!

You may be surprised to learn how what’s hiding in your water affects your hair, scalp and skin.  Every

time you shampoo and bathe, the minerals in your

water attach onto your hair and skin, causing adverse


Do you know what’s hiding in your water?

Effects of Hard & Softened Water

pH: Most water systems maintain a pH of around

7.0 (neutral). However, the higher the pH, the more

the cuticle of the hair is open causing lack of shine

and roughness as well as an increased build-up of


Chlorine: Most water systems treat water with the

oxidizer chlorine to kill bacteria. The higher the level

of chlorine, the greater the oxidizing effect on the hair,

scalp and skin.

Affects of Hair Shampooed in

Softened Water (0-75 ppm hardness):

•  Color is usually vibrant and re-formulation is unnecessary;

•  Natural Curly hair responds very well to soft water usually

with little frizz good curl definition;

•  Straight hair goes limp when soft water is used;

•  Volumizing products are popular in areas with soft water

often causing product resin to build-up on the hair.

Affects of Hair Shampooed in

Hard Water (50–150 ppm hardness):

•  Color, especially reds, are usually not vibrant and

professionals often have to constantly re-formulate

color to achieve the desired results;

•  Naturally curly hair is frizzy and the curl is crisp with a dry


•  Reds and other colors can fade in weeks depending on how

often the hair is exposed to the water;

•  Calcium in hard water leaves hair feeling dry and weighed


•  Hair has body due to the minerals in the water;

•  Flaking of the scalp and incidents of eczema are more often

seen on clients who shampoo in hard water rather than in

soft water;

•  More skin conditions such as eczema appear to affect

clients who bathe in hard water.

Affects of Hair Shampooed in

Very Hard Water (150 ppm+ hardness):

•  Color, especially reds, are seldom vibrant and professionals

constantly re-formulate color to achieve the desired results;

•  Naturally curly hair is usually frizzy and the curl is crisp with

a dry texture;

•  Reds and other colors fade in weeks depending on how

often the hair is exposed to the water;

•  Calcium in hard water leaves hair feeling dry;

•  Hair has more volume than it does when shampooed in soft

water, but the hair becomes weighed down due to the ac-

cumulation of minerals on the hair.

•  Flaking of the scalp and incidents of eczema are more often

seen on clients who shampoo in hard water rather than in

soft water;

•  More skin conditions such as eczema and red, itchy skin

appear to affect clients who bathe in hard water that con-

tain high concentrations of calcium and/or magnesium.

Water is very hard when it has higher amounts of calcium

or magnesium.  This is not a measure of copper, iron or lead

that might be in the water due to the pipes that transport the

water.  If chlorine is in the water, the corrosion to the pipes can

allow for minerals to be in the water affecting the hair service,

texture and discoloration.

Your dry skin, hair, dust and minerals....

Ammonia Hair Color is on the MOVE!!

class I recently attended a "train the trainer" session with my color company, and can I say...."It's so delightful to see other states/regions picking up the benefits of a result orientated color line safe for the guest and the stylist!

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Revolutionary Permanent Hair Color fortified with anti-oxidant grape seed extract, vitamin B5, lipids, rice protein and essential oils. iStock_000001307672Small Benefits: Hair structure is improved & moisturized while coloring Pleasant experience: no fumes, no heat, no irritations Natural shine: no silicones, mica, copolymers or mineral oils

Informed beautylogotype

Welcome to the latest Informed Beauty Newsletter!

With the beautiful temped weather the past few days, I can bet you've had your windows open trying to get all the "legging virus bugs" out of your home....

Over the last month so many clients have been asking me why their hair has suddenly become so dry and dull ? ? ?

Dust and Minerals.

Yep, it's darn annoying, dirty, all this dust is dehydrating your hair and Skin. The ultra fine dust particles are sucking the natural oils and moisture up off our skin, and leaving a layer of dirt on your hair making it knotty & dull.

The solution is . . . . Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment (Hamadi Mask Treatment) to replace lost nutrients, & it will be back shining in no time.

Masking with Hamadi is a perfect weekly indulgence or daily essential for hair in need of repair, replenishment and color maintenance. Avocado oil silkens and aloe vera hydrates from roots to ends. Leaves the hair feeling sensuous and touchable. Made with 100% Organic Essential Oils and Plant Extracts. Completely biodegradable. Absolutely no artificial ingredients. No perfumes or colors. Tested on Actresses - Never on animals.


In spending time with clients, I am highly aware of how environmental conditions in their area affect their clients’ hair and skin. Over 85 percent of the population in the U.S., according to the Water Quality Association, is bathing with hard water.

Minerals found in water at home are continuously exposed to hair during bathing. Since hot or warm water is usually selected to wash hair, the cuticle is opened, allowing positively charged elements, such as minerals, to get inside the cuticle and attach to the protein.

Three ways calcium affects hair:

  1. Create a wall that blocks salon chemicals from processing properly
  2. Build-up on the scalp causing flaking, often thought of as dandruff. These deposits are much like the “bathtub rig” associated with hard water and bath soap
  3. Increased hair loss by clogging the mouth of the follicle causing hair to break off and coat the scalp, blocking further hair growth.

A Soft Water generator is NOT always the answer. Ask me why...

Improve your color, tangles, static, and MORE..... Malibu Mineral Chelation Packets at Kasia Salon

Features & Benefits

  • * Prepares hair for superior color
  • * Gently yet effectively removes minerals from hair that inhibit proper processing of color
  • * Extends life of vibrant color to prevent fading
  • * Helps prevent brassiness or discoloration
  • * Accelerates processing time of color
  • * Protects scalp from itching or burning caused by oxidizing chemicals

Only $4.99 per packet/use! Buy 3 & Get 1 FREE!

With that in mind I thought I would answer one more frequently asked questions I get from our clients in the Salon each week.

Q. How Do I Know What Hair Style to Choose?

* If you are wanting to have a NEW LOOK then the first step is to start looking at pictures ..You can do this in advance through magazines or on the internet.. You might be suprised how quickly you discover a common style that draws your attention, even if you previously had no clear idea in mind.

* If you've got a picture, bring it in.. don't feel shy it's a great way for you to easily explain to your stylist what your thinking.

* Ensure you give your stylist as much information as possible about your hair texture and problem areas. As well as letting them know how much effort you put into your hair at home and how much maintenance you are willing to do.

* If you are still unsure of exactly what it is that you want from your stylecut or colour, let your stylist know what it is that you Don't Want, often it is much easier to tell us what you don't like or what hasn't worked for you in the past.

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