Cinnamon Leaf Oil * Apothecary Oil of the month!

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Health Benefits Explained

Common cold: Helps soothe the sore throat. Mix oil with
 a teaspoonful of honey and have it twice in day to cure cold. Digestive disorder: Cinnamon checks nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. It also encourages digestion. Consume a tablespoon of cinnamon water just after thirty minutes of your meal. It relives your stomach from gas and indigestion. Bad breath: Cinnamon serves as a good mouth freshener. Headache:  Headaches those are triggered due to heavy exposure to chill weather are cured by applying the paste of cinnamon powder mixed with water on your temples and forehead.

Acne: Prepare a paste of cinnamon powder mixed with few drops of fresh lime juice and apply it on the on acne. It kills all infection and relives you from the scars that are left because of acne. Inflammation and bacteria: There are three essential ingredients found in cinnamon oil that is beneficial for blood clotting.  Thus intake of cinnamon helps in proper flow of blood and as well as massaging with cinnamon oil also leads to proper blood circulation.

Controls sugar level:  Consuming cinnamon lessens the rise in sugar level of blood stream. It also helps to mellow down the level of glucose in the body. Cinnamon is very useful for the diabetic patient and it lessens down the level of sugar as well as develops the ability to react during cell formation. As it possesses some enzymes it helps the body system to utilize glucose properly. Brain stimulant:  Cinnamon has proved beneficial for the growth and development of brain cells. Researchers have recommended that the zest of cinnamon is very good as a cognitive stimulant.
It is proved to cure insomnia and relieves stress level.


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