Absorb or Reflect? A Sunscreen Saftey Basic.

What is a sunscreen?

At a very basic level, sunscreen is anything which helps protect the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. This includes clothing, sunglasses, parasols and preparations specifically formulated to be applied to the skin. Most of us tend to use this term  of sunscreen when we talk about sun protection products.

The key ingredients of a sun protection product are around the filters of UV.

What are the different types of UV filters?

All UV filters are chemical substances which act as sunscreens. They typically fall into two main categories: synthetic or organic filters, such as the cinnamates, which absorb UV light; and mineral or inorganic filters, such as titanium dioxide, which mainly reflect UV light. Frequently, both types are used in combination for optimum effect in a product.

How do sunscreens work? The main component of a sunscreen product is the UV filter or filters. Their job is to stop ultraviolet light from reaching the skin. UV filters can do this in one of two ways: they can either absorb the UV-light by “soaking it up”; or they can scatter it and reflect it away from the skin (how Kasia Good Day Sunshine is composed). Consequently, there are two different types of UV filter and these are:


Absorbed Light

Absorber filters (or organic filters) Absorber type UV filters work by absorbing ultraviolet light much like a sponge soaks up water. Each tiny sunscreen “sponge” soaks up ultraviolet light, and then releases it back out after converting it into lower energy and less dangerous infrared light. These filters can be thought of as “energy converters”, converting dangerous ultraviolet light into safer infrared warmth.

Reflected Light

Reflector filters (mineral or inorganic filters) Unlike the absorber-type UV filters, reflectors tend to be less specific about the type of UV-light they reflect and tend to protect against both UVA and UVB. These sun filters act in a different way. Instead of soaking up the UV rays in the way that the absorber sun filters do, these materials reflect and scatter the UV light away from the skin without changing it to anything else. They can be thought of as thousands of tiny mirrors each reflecting UV light away from the skin. reflected light.  This is the Kasia "Informed Beauty" suggested route of purchasing sunscreens for you and your family.


What should you consider when 'out and about?'

The basic precautions against the harmful effects of the sun are:

  • the best use of a sunscreen is a physical block
  • wear appropriate clothes
  • seek shade
  • be aware of reflected sunlight (from water, snow, sand etc)
  • avoid direct sun particularly during the hottest four hours of the day (11.00am to 4.00pm).
  • reapply sunscreen liberally and often

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Reference: CTPA

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