Healing Common Skin Issues from the Inside – Out


Below is an exquisite article that I could have not stated any better.    The Kasia “Beautiful Health” foundation believes the key issues within skin problems including acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and skin pigmentation are effected by our internal homeostasis and health. Enjoy the information as well as testing to further diagnosis.


Healing Skin from the Inside – Out


On the exterior skin conditions or damaged skin can be red, inflamed, cystic, rough, blotchy, painful, unbearably itchy, scaly and plaque like, lacking vibrancy, damaged, dry and wrinkling. Anyone who has a skin condition will quickly confide that it can destroy one’s self-confidence. After all, skin is the outer layer we present to the world.  Skin problems affect the body’s surface physically as well as emotionally but we don’t always realize just how deep they run.  This is why it is important to find a long-term solution that treats the cause of the problem and one that really works.

Skin problems are related to a dysfunction occurring deep within the body and this is the level they should be treated; a satisfactory solution means treating from the inside and outside.

It’s a little like looking into a pool of water, what you see on the surface is a true indication of what’s going on underneath.  What is happening at the bottom and in the middle area of the water will ruminate to the surface, making it visually known what the general state of the deeper water is like.  A client’s skin is an important factor I assess no matter why they have come to see me; it tells me a lot about the person’s overall health.

There are a few major players that affect how our skin looks:

Skin in very much affected by hormones; the fine tuning of the stress hormone; cortisol, the blood sugar hormone; insulin and the reproductive hormones – oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone cannot be underestimated in their affect on the skin.

Diet plays a massive part in all problem skin and this can be the simplest way of getting quick improvement.


There is a big connection between skin and digestive health or the health of our intestinal tract. If the bacteria within our intestinal system are out of balance this will affect our skin. It is well understood that the bacteria at the center of the body, the intestinal tract, set the status of bacteria in the skin.  To correct the bacteria in the skin it is necessary to correct the bacterial status inside first and then the skin will reflect this.


The skin along with the lungs, bowel, liver, and kidney are all organs that assist the body in getting rid of waste products. They are well known as the 5 organs of elimination. When the development of a skin condition or even poor unhealthy looking skin has occurred it may be that one or more of the other organs of elimination are being overloaded and/or are under functioning. If the liver and bowel are unable to get rid of toxins the toxins will begin to find another route out of the body and this can be via the skin.  A pleasant side effect of a professional gut repair and detoxification program is the noticeable difference in the appearance of the skin. One of the most common things clients say while on a gut repair and detoxification program is that all their friends have notice how good their skin is looking. If you’re going to clean the pool of water you will need to scrape leaves and scum off the top but you will also need to get the filter working continuously to clean out what’s in the middle and at the bottom.


One of the most important things to understand about getting your skin clear and beautiful is that the body is designed to heal itself. It is totally unnecessary for anyone to accept that this is a skin problem they have to learn to live with.  The body in its natural rhythm is absolutely able to work so that we look and feel great.   Anything other than this is a sign that a particular area of the body is not functioning as well as it should be or it is out of balance.


Acne often occurs in male and female teenagers but also in women in their child- bearing years.

Often a result of hormonal imbalance.

There is a connection between bacterial acne and the gut bacteria

Toxic overload in the body can result in acne

Acne can be related to nutrient deficiency such as zinc or vitamin A

Sugar and dairy in the diet can result in acne


TESTING Suggestions

Salivary hormone profile

Stool analysis to assess bad bacteria

Zinc deficiency



Occurs commonly in infants and young children but can also occur as an adult.

Eczema is a type of allergy response. The substance that may be triggering the allergic reaction can be something in the diet, the environment or both.

Eczema can be related to nutritional deficiency such as essential fatty acids or zinc

Eczema is often connected to the intestinal gut bacteria being out of balance as well as poor digestion of certain food particles and toxic overload.

Eczema is often related to high stress


TESTING Suggestions

Food intolerance test- testing the 93 most common food intolerances

Complete Stool analysis to assess gut bacteria and digestive function

Zinc deficiency



Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease, with a high amount of inflammation coming from the gut.

Wheat, dairy and other food intolerances as they are hard to digest and very acidic and inflammatory.

Gut repair and liver detoxification programs are extremely helpful, to reduce inflammation.

Omega 3 and vitamin D deficiencies are common in psoriasis

Psoriasis is very much affected by stress

Vitamin D levels

Complete Stool analysis and assessment of gut bacteria and digestion.

Food Intolerances – testing the 93 most common food intolerances



Rosacea is an enlargement of the blood vessels under the skin that are not functioning normally, resulting in poor circulation, poor delivery of nutrients and poor elimination of toxins from the skin.

Histamine levels in the body can exacerbate rosacea

Foods high in histamine or that release histamine such as cheese, chocolate, alcohol and oranges as well as spicy foods should be avoided

The gut bacteria status and liver toxicity can be contributing to the underlying cause of rosacea

Avoiding or reducing wheat, dairy and sugar will be helpful

Moderate exercise is essential to reduce rosacea but excessive exercise can aggravate it

Rosacea is very much affected by stress


TESTING Suggestions


Food intolerances

Complete Stool analysis and to assess gut bacteria and digestive function


Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation in patches on the cheeks occurs in women usual from 25-40yrs of age. This often happens in pregnancy or when a woman is on a treatment that alters her hormones such as the contraceptive pill. It is usually because the hormone has been thrown out of balance.


TESTING Suggestions

Salivary hormone profile


Aging Skin

Graceful ageing skin is natural and gives you a natural beauty that resinates how much you are enjoying your age, but does your skin make you look older than what you are? Would you like to re-create or maintain beautiful youthful skin? This is so easy! Do you want naturally youthful skin that is moist, supple, clear and glowing? Putting a stop to the fast progression of wrinkles.

This is all about what you put in your body and what you leave out.

Gut repair and detoxification programs make a massive difference to your skin in just 6 weeks.

Specific nutrients programs support your skin in maintaining youth, moisture, and vitality and reduce sagging.


Dry Skin

Dry skin can be related to nutrient deficiency such as zinc, and omega 3.

Dry Skin is also related to adrenal exhaustion that really means you have become chronically tired from long-term stress.


Kasia Skin Services get to root of what is truly going on with your skin. Our skin expert assess each person’s skin on an individual basis while taking into consideration the rest of their health and the connection between the two. A treatment plan is given that shows what each individual’s skin requires.

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Reference: by Deanne Bromham ND



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