The Effects of Sun Inflammation and your Beautiful Health

It's been one HOT summer consumed of sun filled days.   Unless you are out in  a thick layer of sun protective clothing,  chances are - you are suffering sun damage with extended time in the sun.  When you use sunscreens like octylmethoxycinnamate or benzophenone, no matter what level of sun protection, they are reporting (ie SPF 100), you  are sustaining significant sun damage in addition to the added inflammation from the ingredients themselves."Sunburns" are a physiologic reaction to specific DNA changes that can be prevented by chemical absorption of UVB rays.  But please do not confuse a lack of redness with a lack of damage. Collagen/elastin (and other forms of skin) damage occur with extended time in the sun, whereas "sunburn" redness and pain are the direct result of the swelling, increased circulation and an inflammatory cascade that were stimulated by the DNA lesion.

As always Informed Beauty -- we strive to educate our you on a natural and safe alternative as well as the "proper way" to expose yourself to the sun.


Why is Kasia SUNSHIELD  part of only 8% of Sunscreens on the market, considered SAFE?

FACT:  There are few active sunscreen ingredients that effectively block both  UVA and UVB rays.  Kasia uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are the only ones that are both safe and effective for UVA and UVB protection and  do not penetrate the skin but block or reflect the sun.

Hit List to AVOID!

Sure, avoid Parabens, but take extreme caution in avoiding sunscreens with Oxtinoxate, Octisalate, Oxybenzone or Homosalate. These chemicals are toxic and have high absorption rates through the skin.  They act as either irritants, allergens, hormone disruptors or carcinogens.

Dioxybenzone and oxybenzone are quoted to be of the most powerful free radical generators known to man! YIKES!

Natural and Free from Harmful Chemicals

Good Day Sunshine Sunscreen, developed by local natural health and beauty care leader Kassie Kuehl, is a chemical-free sunscreen optimal for sensitive or traumatized skin and safe for children.

“Losing my 24 year old brother to skin cancer, I have grown well aware of the many underlying potential causes,” Kuehl said. “Unlike chemical sunscreens, I love that nature can provide remarkable ingredients that reflect and scatter away both UVA and UVB rays from your body by forming a physical barrier, without irritating or clogging your pores.”

Additional key benefits that set Good Day Sunshine Sunscreen apart from commercialized sunscreens:

  • True broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Safe for toddlers and children
  • Non-chemical sunscreen
  • Moisturizing and healing properties
  • PABA-free and fragrance-free
  • Light and smooth formulation ideal for daily use and can be applied under makeup
  • Formulated for skin sensitive to traditional sunblocks and post-treatment patients
  • Formulation of  5% zinc and 5% titanium

In short, green tea helps protect your skin’s cells by providing antioxidant protection.

  • FREE of chemical laden fragrances…NON-zero….zilch.
  • FREE of parabens (harsh chemical or any harsh preservatives)..
  • FREE of Xenoestrogens!

The Sun and your Beautiful Health.

  1. UV exposure to bare skin (regardless of the sun protection) should never exceed 4 hours a day if you can help it because the skin is simply not designed to handle it.
  2. Chemical UVB sunscreens inflame the skin while inhibiting the skin's repair response/warning sign that is normally generated (aka sunburn) even though tremendous damage is still happening) and therefore should be avoided.
  3. There are an amazing number of drugs that cause sun-sensitivity and you should make every effort to get off of them because they result in an inability for your skin to heal itself after sun exposure which increases aging, damage and cancer risk dramatically.
  4. Sun-sensitizing drugs (including birth control pills) affect people differently. UV Protection Water will not stop the sunburn response in those people with substantial immunosuppression from medication but may work fine for many on those medications so a test is recommended.
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