Stimulate Collagen and Tissue Production for Firmer Skin

Collagen is a protein that gives our skin its structure. It also gives skin its appearance of smoothness and youth. Collagen works like netting that holds skin cells together. Collagen is continually produced in the body, but as we get older that production begins to slow down. As production slows and the collagen net begins to break down, the skin is one of the first areas we notice it in, with wrinkles and other signs of aging. There are steps we can take, however, to prevent collagen breakdown and to help the body rebuild new collagen.

Impor­tant Active Ingredients for a -  Inside and Out Lifestyle

Vit­a­min C: Col­la­gen stim­u­lat­ing, anti-aging, protective, heal­ing, skin soft­en­ing prop­er­ties, helps even skin pigmentation

Vit­a­min D: Impor­tant for skin cell stabilization, improves skin heal­ing and immunity

Vit­a­min E: Mois­tur­izes skin from within, aids tis­sue repair and pro­tects from envi­ron­men­tal stress

Vit­a­min A/Retinol: Improves skin elasticity, epidermal and der­mal thick­en­ing, can help reverse photo dam­age, enhances new skin cell growth, retexturizes

Forms of Vit­a­min A Vit­a­min A is the skin’s most impor­tant fat-soluble nutri­ent. It is referred to as a skin cell normalizer.  This means that Vit­a­min A can stim­u­late cell growth for heal­ing and anti-aging effects OR slow down cell growth to improve skin con­di­tions like acne or pso­ri­a­sis.

Vit­a­min C Vitamin C is the skin’s most impor­tant water-soluble vit­a­min. It pro­tects skin from envi­ron­men­tal stresses, sun dam­age and the causes of aging. The immune stim­u­lat­ing prop­er­ties are well doc­u­mented, and it helps improve der­mal blood sup­ply and may help improve skin pig­men­ta­tion. It is avail­able in sev­eral forms vary­ing in sta­bil­ity and effectiveness.


Importance of skin stim­u­la­tion – Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids stim­u­late and exfo­li­ate the skin. This process encour­ages fresh lay­ers to the sur­face and enhances skin tis­sue growth.


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