Why Kasia Products are Formulated with Aloe Vera


We LOVE Aloe!    Most beauty companies use water as a base but Kasia Organics has a performance standard of using certified organic Aloe Vera gel as our product base whenever possible.

Known as the miracle plant, aloe is

*Rich in over 200 biologically active substances, including 75 nutrients, 20 minerals and 12 vitamins.  *Contains elements that are essential to cellular healing, renewal and growth. *Delivers amazing antibacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic properties. *Naturally effective solution to help alleviate the symptoms caused by skin and scalp conditions such as acne, dandruff and seborrhea.

We love aloe's ability to be a soothing agent in our shampoo, conditioner, leave-on's, moisturisers, and serums.

The structure and chemistry of Aloe shows us why this plant is such a good moisturising agent – it’s the polysaccharides or sugars that are most dominate predominate. These sugars are hygroscopic (water-loving. When paired with a sugar structure, they are both substantive and moisturising to the skin.   Some chemists say aloe contributes a  ‘the raincoat effect’  i.e:  You put on a raincoat in a storm and you stay warm and dry, a warm and dry body is less likely to catch a cold and so you stay well.  The" raincoat" protects and preserves what you have already.   Essentially aloes moisture   protects and preserves the skin so that it can remain (or return to) optimum condition.

 Aloe and the Issue


Hair Loss

  • Aloe vera has been heralded as a treatment for hair loss, due to many of the vitamins and minerals found within the plant mimicking the chemistry of the human body. In addition, chemicalscan hasten hair loss, so eliminating hair products with harmful ingredients will allow damaged hair follicles to heal. For an at-home treatment, pour a small amount of an herbal shampoo into a bowl and add two times the amount of aloe vera gel (for best results, use a 100 percent stabilized aloe vera gel vs. the actual aloe vera plant.)

Hair Growth

  • In addition to halting hair loss, aloe vera is believed to promote the growth of new hair. Aloe vera balances PH levels and stimulates scalp enzymes, which in turn prompts hair growth. To gain this benefit, massage aloe vera into the scalp and leave in for 30 minutes before rinsing. Over time, the scalp will shed the dead hair follicles and new hair follicles will grow in their place.


  • People who suffer from dandruff, which is characterized by a flaky, itchy scalp, should consider aloe vera for relief.  Causes of dandruff include stress, diets high in sugar and low in fats, excessive blow drying and shampooing hair in hot water. Aloe vera gel straight from the leaves of the plant can be rubbed on the scalp, left in overnight and shampooed out the following morning.

It's our promise to continue using  Aloe when appropriate for its soothing and moisturizing power in our Kasia formulations.

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