Makeup Tips for YOUTH-IFYING Women

The starting signs of aging  can make you feel unattractive on the outside, it can also make you feel bad about yourself on the inside. As you know, my goal isn’t just to help you look better, but also to improve your whole self — mind, body, and spirit. Kasia products help give good care of your skin is one of the best places to start.

There are some makeup tricks that you can also use to make yourself look younger.

Below I will list a few different makeup tricks ....


As we get older, our lips thin. Avoid dark lipstick, it will only bring attention to the lips even more.  Instead, use lipstick shades closest to your natural lip color. Rose and pink shades are more flattering than for example orange.blush

Dab some lipgloss in the middle of your lips. It will make your lips appear plumper.  Using a colored lip gloss instead of a lipstick.

Make you eyes soft and the center of attention by avoiding shades that are not  too dark. Golds, browns, light grey, and taupe eyeshadow shades are great as they aren’t as harsh looking as black.

Less is more. Avoid heavy foundations or powders. Opt for mineral makeup pigments and light foundations that moisturizer and are minimal in ingredients.   We LOVE La Bella Donna's Liquids and  cream blushes.

Avoid drawing in your eyebrows with pencils. It portrays a harsh look and it doesn’t look natural. Instead, slightly tint your brows professionally with your correct tone.  Brows should be the same shade as your natural brow color.

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