Perfume Causes Harm to the Thyroid, Reproductive Toxicity, Allergies, and more....

Perfume ingredients may smell great to some people, but may be giving headaches to anyone sensitive to the fumes around them.  A  2010 study suggests popular brands reek of long-term health problems for all of us.

Researchers have found that labels of popular perfumes don't list harmful perfume ingredients linked to sperm damage, hormone disruption (which is linked to some cancers, thyroid disease, obesity, diabetes, and other serious health problems), reproductive toxicity, and allergy problems.

I am a sensory gal myself -so formulating "Grounded" Pure Essense was PURE JOY.  Who would have thought you can have therapeutic benefits while scenting for your day!

Thyroid + Skin + Perfume

Most women apply their perfumes around the neck area where the thyroid is.  The skin then sends components of the perfume to all sensors in the brain and lungs.

Thyroid  and Perfume

Another recent study found several chemicals in the top selling perfumes that can cause damage to the thyroid gland.

The thyroid regulates several important metabolic processes in the body. Thyroid disorders can cause obesity, problems losing or maintaining a healthy weight, serious hair loss, mood disorders perfumeand feelings of lethargy.

Chemicals that interfere with healthy thyroid activity may also promote cancer of this important gland. Since it is the largest of the endocrine glands, it has some very important processes to control and therefore, it is utterly important that we keep this gland healthy and in top operating condition.

The thyroid is responsible for controlling how fast our body goes through our energy stores. It also plays an important role in producing much-needed proteins and controls how sensitive our bodies are to the plethora of other hormones that are present at any given time.

Many of the chemicals in perfumes present a dual problem for the thyroid in that they can add more synthetic hormones (in the form of synthetic and harmful estrogens) to our system. In addition, they often can cause damage to the very gland that helps control our sensitivity to these excessive hormones which only compounds the problem.

Informed Beauty Tip - "What to do!"

Fortunately, if you read labels, you can easily avoid synthetic fragrances. Follow these tips, and choose brands that employ natural methods for creating scent in their products. By the way, Kasia Natural Skin Care is FREE of synthetic fragrances—only natural scents from pure essential oils.

  • Look at the labels. Personal-care products must list ingredients on the label, although there is a trade secrets loophole for fragrance blends. Manufacturers can use the blanket term of "fragrance" or "parfum" on the label, but thousands of different chemicals—many petrochemical and volatile organic compounds—can hide under that description. Your best bet is to avoid any personal-care product listing these ingredients: fragrance, perfume, parfum, linalool, and limonene.
  • Shop at whole foods/co-op stores, natural boutiques on the internet for brands that are more conscious about the fragrances they’re using.
  • Look for scents that are naturally derived or plant-based
  • Certified Organic products do not have synthetic fragrances
  • Customize your own blends of pure essential oils and carrier oils.


Grounded Pure Essence

An aura of pure, aromatic essentials oils frame this captivating and mysterious scent called, Grounded Pure-Essence.  Brighten your mood and de-stress with its true, delicate harmony—simply roll a small amount onto the nape of the neck and inner wrists.

Grounded Pure EssenceMade from the purest plant-based ingredients with no chemicals, synthetic scents or man-made additives, our Pure-Essence allows you to say “grounded” naturally. Free from alcohol, artificial fragrances, phthalates, parabans, and other chemicals, all Kasia Pure-Essence scent blends are handcrafted in small batches using therapeutic-grade essential oils.

When you love your fragrance it should go with you! Pure-Essence Botanical Blends are the perfect size for your handbag or travel. Or, give it as a beautiful artisan and distinctive gift.

  • Patchouli: Alleviates anxiety and brings focus
  • Sandalwood: Relieves agitated emotional states and gives strength
  • Frankincense: Calms and improves concentration
  • Bergamot: Relieves nervous energy and encourages contentment
  • Cedarwood: Combats nervous tension and boosts positivity


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