Expert Tips from Kasia: Men's Hair & Current Trends 101

mens cut

Kasia's own Valerie  is a lead gal on executing men’s hair at Kasia Organic Salon, so we thought we’d check in with her to talk about current trends, favorite product and what makes a man G-Q.


mens cut

What do you love about cutting/grooming guys? I love being able to customize a style according to my male clients’ face shape, lifestyle and personality. Mens cutting and styling is all about shape and tailoring their hair to suit their individual features.  For example, this may mean graduating a fade around the temples to expose the eyes more or creating volume on the top to detract from a thicker jaw line.  Personalization is where transformation happens.

What are some current popular styles for guys?Everything from short crop modified "faux hawks,' side parts with a tapered longer side  - to -disconnections with short tapered sides with longer tops worn wavy or sleek.   Texture and volume is loved just as much by men, than their lovely ladies.   Facial hair is also playing a big part in spring/summer trends.

How do you approach cuts for your male clients? From my training at Kasia Organic Salon, I utilize barbering along with free hand techniques so that none of my males haircuts look the same.  My current haircutting techniques master a shape that suits the individual’s style.

Men that get services at Kasia comment on the longevity and ease of style!

Do you have a favorite product for guys?   Our John Masters Vanilla Bourbon Texturizer   can be used in a variety of ways. I use it for creating that soft textured look.  I also recommend finishing with a bit of hairspray to set the style.  No Grease - No Fuss - and No Build Up!


To reach Kasia Organic Salon for your updated and individualize haircut, call 612. 824. 7611 or email us at to request an appointment for you - OR YOUR G-Q HUNK!

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