Cause of Dry Hair: The Important Role of Conditioner




Conditioner smoothes your hair cuticle after shampooing, locking in moisture and adding shine. If you don’t condition, your hair cuticle is likely to raise, allowing for more rapid loss of H20. 

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The first facts to know about the makeup of your hair is that there are  three layers. These 3 layers comprise of the  medulla, cortex & cuticle. The medulla is the innermost layer followed by the Cortex, which is up to 90% of your hair strand and where natural hair color is defined and held.  Lastly is the cuticle, the protector!

A healthy cuticle will lay smoothly over the cortex  (“think pinecone.”).   If the cuticle is damaged or harmful substances have been absorbed into the cortex your hair will most likely appear dull and lifeless – not to mention the increase of breakage.

Healthy Cuticle Maintenance

How do we keep that cuticle laying down and looking healthy? We can help rebuild hair by using conditioners that have an acidic ph level of 7.  Acids contain an abundance of hydrogen, which keeps those cuticles laying smooth for that lustrous shiny hair we all strive for.  Additionally conditioners containing amino acids (protein)  and oils will help to rebuild your hair from the inside out!

Living Proof

Our favorite conditioner for damaged hair is the Kasia Re-Plenish Ultra-Hydrating Conditioner.  Packed with 90% organic and healing ingredients such as medowfoam oil which has strengthening proteins/amino acids and


humectants that   deeply conditions, rebuilds dull and damaged hair  Need an extra deep conditioning –treat it as a “leave on treatment”  for an  extra 10 minutes!

For those of us with finer hair the Weigh-less Spicy Citrus Conditioner from Kasia is the way to go. Medowfoam oil is also the star here as it prevents damage and provides conditioning without weighing your hair down. Plus, we know it’s going to work on the cuticles – it’s right there in the name Spicy Citrus (citrus=the right pH leve)!   All Kasia products assure that your color will last longer and stay as vibrant as day one.

Contact  our team of Hair Health Experts for your conditioning and anti-aging hair needs today!

By: Valerie, Stylist & Hair Health Specialist @ Kasia Organic Salon

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