What the Frizz? Beat the Heat with Style!


  Summer is almost half over and 'oh my,' it's bringing on the heat!   Summer brings seasonal impact on the hair from frizz to color fading due to stronger UV rays, leaving a dull appearance . Kasia brings great tools and tips for you to keep your hair looking healthy and great year-round.

Hair & Humidity

Moisture from humidity may feel nurturing to dry skin, although to the hair, this is a different experience.  Humidity attaches to your lovely locks and absorbs the moisture – which then expands the cuticle and cases frizz.  In order to defeat frizz or chaotic curls on steamy days, applying light moisturizing products are key!

Start by switching to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Try Kasia Replenish Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. After conditioning and rinsing, add a small amount of Outshine or Restore Oil through damp strands.

Regardless, humidity or not, it is important to keep your hair hydrated all year around. When your hair loses moisture, it can become brittle, dull and lifeless. Apply the above recommendations to your daily hair care regimen and you will have runway ringlets everyday!

Summer Body and Wave

A top seller at Kasia is our *NEW*  Hydr-Boost Texturizing Spray. This easy to use product gives the hair the perfect amount of  and texture volume all over to give you multiple styles.

Infused with magnesium-rich Himalayan pink sea salt and hydrating plant oils like ylang ylang, blood orange and cardamom, this spray is a warm-scented tonic that adds volume and touchable texture without clumps or crunch. Organic botanical ingredients like bamboo and rhodiola extract strengthen, protect and nourish strands while creating piece-y definition.summerhair

Here are some ways to use this amazing product.

On "day one" of washing, lightly mist the Hydro-Boost Spray at the root for volume.   After drying the hair, add 4-5 sprays to the roots to ends, while lightly diffusing  with your dryer - and only for only a few moments. This will add texture, separation, and body - without gobs of product.

If you're on the fly, let the summer winds dry your hair naturally and it give your hair a beachy wave look! You can also bring this look  to "day two."   Lightly re- spray the Hydro-boost at the roots and/or where desired, blow dry, and lift the hair up to give your hair the volume and texture it needs. You can also incorporate this into a side swept braid or a fashionable up do.

Simplicity and Beautiful Health Hair......

By Amber, Kasia Stylist

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