Drug Store - Department Store - Professional Skin Care? Sometimes you get what you pay for.....

drug store product


With beauty products, sometimes you get what you pay for.....



at the....DRUGSTORE 

The mass retail brands sold at grocery/drugstores are created to perform for thousands of users.  These companies play it safe with both their money and less therapeutic/result orientated ingredients to reach such a broad buyer.  Therefore, because mass products are sold more inexpensively, often the ingredients formulated into the products are more generic.

Keep in mind, not all drugstore products are low in being effective - but it is a important to look at all the options, the ingredient decks, which ingredients they state are "active" and using your discernment  - is it too good to be true?  Do the "actives" fall at the very end of the ingredient deck?  Is the first ingredients H20?  


Department stores have one goal in mind: selling the products. Since the companies are in intense competition with one another, the consumer’s satisfaction isn’t always at the top of their priority list. With that in mind, they focus on fancy packaging and marketing materials.

PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS SOLD ... at your salon and spa

Skin care lines sold and recommended by licensed estheticians and physicians are  results-oriented ingredients. By working with a licensed professional, you will be better educated and catered to based on your individual needs.  At least "we hope the industry is doing it's job!" They will also be able to share about your skin and its function according to your age and lifestyle.   Our Kasia Skin Health Specialist is more than qualified and passionate when choosing the right products for your skin.


Kasia Organic Salon offers a 20% OFF YOUR FIRST TIME FACIAL. Through your facial, you learn the nuances of the ingredients used and in Kasia Skincare treatments and professional grade peels.

"But does it work?" Don't get blind sited by the fancy packaging or the enforcing  celebrity of a product.  As women, we need to see the value and investment  in what we are purchasing for our individual needs, versus following the money and print ads.  They are an inspiration, but not pure in truth.

It all comes back to the ingredients used in the formulation. At Kasia, we  educate our clients about the good and not-so-good ingredients so that you, as a consumer, can be more educated about which ingredients are of high quality. There are both good and lousy ingredients in the expensive and inexpensive lines, so read the ingredient labels and you’ll be on your way to healthier skin.


  • drug store productMineral Oil & Petrolatum (pore-clogging and suffocating to the skin)
  • SD Alcohol 40 andDenatur
  • ed Alcohol (th
  • e “bad” alcohols commonly found in toners. They are extremely drying)
  • Isopropyl Myristate & Isopropyl Palmitate (can cause blackheads)
  • Synthetic dyes (can be a skin irritant)
  • Synthetic fragrances in our skin care products (the #1 cause of allergic reactions to products. Avoid products containin g the word “fragrance” or “parfum” on the ingredient listing)
  • Known sensitizers (ingredients that can cause irritation)
  • Heavy oils (will suffocate the skin and leave it feeling greasy)
  • Sodium or Ammonium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate (extremely drying and irritating to the skin)
  • Apricot kernels, or seed/shell powders (naturally made particles found in facial scrubs can scratch and irritate the skin causing bacteria to spread)


Kasia-logo_roundJPGThe Kasia Organics “Informed Beauty” Promise:

We always use: the finest, all-natural ingredients that not only nourish the body but awaken the senses and promote healthy, safe living through informed beauty. The result: radiant, restored skin and hair.

We never use: parabans, petro-chemicals, phthalates, artificial preservatives, lauryl sulfates, artificial colors or dyes, synthetic fragrances, wasteful fillers or animal testing—unhealthy junk your body doesn’t need!


Reference: Renee Reloux

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