Kasia mention in Start Tribune "Green Movement" article with Intelligent Nutrients and Horst

Below is a nice write up in the Star Tribune - with Kasia Organic Salon - interjected. 

May we be as big as IN someday. .... 

We are thankful to be able to share our thoughts of the current organic market in a recent Star Tribune article hosting Intelligent Nutrients.  I started my career with Horst/Aveda, have spent 4 days with him at his retreat center being inspired to think outside the box, and now share the marketplace and creations with him.   Intelligent Nutrients is now hitting a stride.  It has not been an easy ride for Horst, as he is still trying to get IN out in the marketplace to the 'average consumer.'

Cool Facts:   Both Horst and I use the same suppliers for our organic + cold pressedoils in our skin care lines.     Horst  started IN in 2004/2005 and launched in 2009.  He sold Aveda in 1997 for $300 million.

In the meantime....  "Kasia" will continue to step into it's larger purpose with our incredible - growing team and "beautiful health" culture.  



Read the article HERE 

Intelligent Nutrients expands, riding wave of green consumers

Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher’s line of organic beauty products is hitting its stride.


The green movement is also catching on with consumers.

Kuehl, who sells her own line of all-natural products at Kasia Organic Salon, said she has seen her customer base grow from hard-core environmentalists to a larger group, especially moms-to-be and others concerned about chemicals in their hair products.

“When I started out, it was the greenies,” she said. “Now it has gone mainstream.”




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