Informed Beauty Toxic Ingredient: RESORCINOL

We know about the popular "no-no's" in traditional hair color - that being Ammonia and PPD.  But do not forget the identity complex of Resorcinol


This chemical is found in most commercial hair dyes.  Resorcinol is an endocrine-disrupting agent, meaning it will adversely affect the part of your body responsible for the production and balance of various hormones in your system. An example of a hormone-related condition that resorcinol can cause is hypothyroidism, which causes your thyroid to slow down its production of hormones related to your metabolism. There are also some concerns that this ingredient can cause organ system toxicity, and it certainly does cause severe irritation of the skin and eyes.  

WHAT IS IT? Resorcinol is a colorant and fragrance ingredient, typically used to create yellow tones in everything from brilliant brunettes to the blondest blondes. It’s a common ingredient in hair color and bleaching products. Its inexpensive and easily stabilized nature makes it a common villain lurking on drugstore shelves across the country.

HEALTH RISK: It is a known skin irritant, allergen, carcinogen, hormone disruptor and is severely toxic to the immune system and body’s organs. It can lead to permanent thyroid gland damage, heart rate changes and severe headaches and nausea.The federal government regulates exposures to resorcinol in salons and by professionals, but unfortunately there are not yet any regulations limiting amounts of resorcinol in over the counter products and cosmetics.

HOW TO AVOID: Since resorcinol takes on many names, it is important to thoroughly scour labels for any of its monikers. If you see these words, consider the red flag raised:

  • M-dihydroxybenzene
  • M-hydroquinone
  • M-phenylenediol
  • 3-hydroxyphenol
  • 1,3-benzenediol
  • CI developer 4
  • Oxidation base 31
  • 1,3-dihydroxybenzene
  • Resorcin

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