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suzanneI  love the feeling of serenity at Kasia Organic Salon....

From the welcome when I first enter the salon to the hug I receive when I leave, the total experience is always one that says, "You are important." No rushing, no obnoxious loud music {only great tunes from different decades, including the 40's}, no pressure to buy certain products. Kassie and her staff take time to get to know you, your hair and/or skin, your lifestyle and your beauty and style goals.

Kassie does her research and is not only on-trend for style, but is very informed about health issues, as well. She knows that what we put ON our skin and hair, including coloring products, needs to be as high quality as what we put INTO our bodies. She has helped me to advocate for my own "beauty health" through well-researched articles and conversations that we have had.

Just because a product comes with a big marketing budget and is on TV or in magazines does NOT mean it is good for you! Consumers are just catching on to this {think parabens, sulfates, phthalates, pvps, GMO-derived ingredients, etc.} but Kassie has been aware of them and diligently bringing her own, clean version of hair and skin products to the market {or offering others that meet her same stringent standards} since before she opened her salon and had a chair in another shop.

I first came to her frustrated that I was losing a lot of hair and finding no solutions from either my doctors or my hair dresser. That was nearly four years ago. Since then my hair has come a long way and is so much healthier, which makes ME happier. Not only did we agree on a "correction course" for my hair from a cut and color standpoint, but she also pointed me to a doctor who helped me work on nutrition and other deficiencies.

Kassie has introduced me to several great organic products, some from her own line and some from others. The ones that I particularly love of hers are her organic sunscreen, organic hair shine serum, organic shine mist and her wonderful, soy candles.

This review is way overdue ~ thank you, Kassie and Kasia Organic Salon!

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