Gmail's New "Promotions" Tab : Don't Lose Touch!

You may have heard by now how G-mail is setting up automated filters without your permission.    That means that you won't see future emails from Kasia in your main inbox UNLESS you adjust your G-mail settings!

Fortunately, it's  a quick n' easy fix!  Here's how: 


1. Drag and drop Kasia emails from the new  "Promotions" Inbox into the "Primary" Inbox.

2. Click "yes" when asked if you want future emails from me to go into your Primary inbox.

If you want to completely remove this new filtering system (I did!), then:

1. Go to the Settings box in the upper right hand corner of your inbox and choose "Settings."

2. Click on the "Inboxtab, then unselect all categories except "Primary."  

 That's it!  Let's stay in touch!  xoxo

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