Ammonia: The Destruction of your Cuticle, Color and Health!


The use of ammonia in  both salons and off the retail shelf - are getting new attention.  It is now proven that ammonia puts salon professionals and clients at serious risk of long term health damages, causing numerous serious health problems.


At Kasia, we always keep the "end result" in mind for our guests.  The main to objectives of a product line, ingredient, or hair color is:


  1. The end outcome of the hair color

  2. The health of the hair after use


Let's take a deeper look at Ammonia - is it necessary - and the developing industry of ZERO Ammonia hair color for "Beautiful Health." 



The Retiring Salon Professionals

The average career of a salon professional is only around 8 years. In my own experience of leaving the "conventional salon," most stylists careers end because of health issues related to skin irritations and some breathing complications. Salon professionals are three times more likely to be inflicted with obesity, depression, or social anxiety disorder at some point throughout their lifetime.

What is Ammonia? Ammonia is a toxic gas with a breath taking, pungent, irritating odor. Ammonia fumes come from the substance of Ammonia Hydroxide. It is commonly used in the hair color to open the hair cuticle as it is a corrosive substance that extracts color brownwater from the cells causing an inflammatory response which damages surrounding tissues. This is completely counterproductive to nurturing healthy hair as ammonia has many detrimental effects to human hair.



Long Term Health

Ammonia is  considered to cause cancer. Considering ammonia is a carcinogen,  their is strong evidence that ammonia also causes the following health problems.

  • Long term exposure to ammonia fumes can cause obesity, depression, and social anxiety disorder.

  • Daily exposure to ammonia will cause high blood pressure, pulmonary edema, and bronchitis.

  • Continued contact with ammonia hydroxide will dry the skin and damage skin cells and eventually cause serious skin complications.

  • Exposure to ammonia fumes will damage eyes, liver, kidneys, and lungs.

  • Even brief exposure to ammonia fumes can be an asthma trigger and irritate or amplify allergies.

blonde color

Ammonia's destructive effects on your hair:


  • The corrosive characteristics of ammonia destroys the tyrosine in human hair. Tyrosine is the protein that regulates the production of melanin, hair’s natural pigments. Therefore, using ammonia in hair color destroys hair’s natural ability to “hold” color.

  • Ammonia causes a destructive inflammatory effect on follicles rending them dormant for an indeterminate amount of time and causing hair to thin.

  • The corrosive characteristics of ammonia, while an important property in opening the cuticle, irreparably damages the cuticle which sacrifices the hair’s structural integrity. Although conditioning the hair will help to temporarily close down the cuticle, it does not restore the hairs structure or repair the cuticle.

  • Because ammonia extracts water from the cells, it depletes the hair of moisture. Also,ammonia will destroy and incapacitate the sebaceous glands which produces sebum, the hair’s natural moisturizer.



At Kasia Organic Salon, as a commitment to a healthy environment for our guests and staff, we only use Mastey Zero-ammonia Hair Color. This product is the safest permanent and semi-permanent hair color available today.  It delivers the best professional results without any toxic chemicals such as resorcinol, p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) or p-Toluenediamine (PTD), and void of dangerous fumes.


Reference:  OCS and Killer Strand
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