Blow Dry Your Hair Like a PRO! DIY

blow dry bangs

We know - we've heard it many of times..... "I cannot duplicate this at home, it'll never look like this!"  At Kasia we are happy to educate you how to blow dry at home - as well as prescribe you a recipe for success at home  with specific shampoo/conditioner and styling products as well as the needed  utensils (hair tools) - creating an easier and finished outcome.

Recipe for Success in Styling!


Get out your recipe cards and record the following tips for a sleek and smooth outcome - close to what you had at the salon.


Your Shopping LIst

What is needed?  

Before you style your hair with any sort of heating tools, you must use products to protect your hair. Since blow-drying can cause hair to frizz and heat damage, use a product that will help with both of those like Kasia Outshine Smoothing Gloss and Off the Fritz Hair Sealer

Using a hair dryer with a nozzle helps with concentrating hot air flow to your hair. Investing in a great dryer, round or paddle brush and also hair clips are key.

Blow out and GO!  

blow dry bangs

Remove most of the moisture by pre-drying your hair with a paddle brush or fingers.

  • Once your hair is moderately dry, section off you hair to dry it in three sections: the crown, middle and underneath. Leave the bottom part down to dry first. The rest of you hair should be held up by a clip.
  • Start With Bangs.  Bangs aremuch more difficult to style once they’ve dried on their own.”
  • Tip: If you want added volume, use a root lifting product such Hydra-Boost Texture and Volumizing Spray at the roots of your wet hair. For even more volume, lift hair straight up at the roots while drying.
  • Starting with the underneath part of your hair, section off the hair with three-inch sections rolling your hair over a round brush.
  • Dry from roots to ends, holding your dryer in a downward position reducing hair from frizzing and to keep hair cuticles smooth.
  • Repeat the above steps for drying the middle and crown of your head.
  • After your hair is dry, finish with just a tad more of Outshine and your favorite hairspray for the finishing touch to hold your lush locks!

Lastly.  Practice - Practice - Practice.

NEW and NOW at Kasia!  * THEORIE Flat Iron's and Blow Dryers! *

We looked for a very long time - and we chose Theorie due to its benefit for YOU of a LIFETIME WARRANTY!  

Cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design into one easy-to-use tool. While the 100% solid-titanium floating plates ensure heat is distributed evenly, Negative Ion Technology promotes silkier and smoother hair and far-infrared technology reduces static.


theorie-saga-1-inch-non-touch-mainFEATURES AND BENEFITS

  • Industry Professional Edition
  • Available in Black, Red, Blue and Purple
  • 100% Solid Titanium Plates
  • Digital temperature display
  • Programmable auto shut-off
  • Ionized technology to promote silkier and smoother hair
  • Far-infrared technology delivers consistent heat distribution, while reducing static
  • Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip, designed for professional comfort and control
  • Heats to maximum temperature of 450°F (230°C) swiftly
  • Floating plates optimize styling efficiency
  • 11' heat-resistant textile cord
  • Available in 1" and 1 ½"
  • Designed for use with Keratin treated hair
  • Lifetime Warranty


Contact the Kasia Salon Team to set you up with your own special "Blow Dry Home Kit" TODAY!


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