The Kasia Secret on HOW to Maintain Beautiful Hair Color



Choosing the RIGHT Hair Color When you go to choose the next hair color you wish to invest in, always remember that “what you put in – you get out.”  We suggest avoiding color lines that use ammonia or MEA.  These ingredients aggressively raise your cuticle to deposit the pigments into the cortex. At Kasia we use an ammonia/MEA free color that is much kinder to the hair.  “It’s all in the delivery process.”  By opening the cuticle with alkaline actives, allowing the cuticle to slowly open and equally in time to close, you will get the long lasting results you invested in – multi-dimesional, shiny, and complete coverage without the damage!


Do you really need a shampoo for color-treated hair? YES! Well, at least a shampoo that is sulfate free. Traditional shampoos contain sulfates that cause the cuticle of the hair to swell which in turn leak your fabulous new color.  “As hair health specialists, we can instantly tell the difference between color brownclients who follow his strict healthy hair checklist and those who don’t.”  Kasia Shampoo & Conditioners not only are sulfate free but will leave your hair with a healthy pH level to promote health and longevity.

Dry Shampoo – Your New BFF! It’s no secret the more you shampoo and blow dry, the quicker the fading.  So why not try to go a couple days without?   Dry shampoo may just be your haircolor’s new BFF.  Try our new Revive Dry Shampoo clients love the fact that it doesn’t leave the hair or scalp feeling nasty after one day of use (extra additives) – allowing you to where with no washing for multiple days!


UV – Protect ME! Who doesn’t love Mr. Shiny Sun?  While the majority of us love the beaming rays, our colored tresses do not. Just like you protect your anti-aging skin from the sun - our hair is also affected - causing free radical damage, in which creates fading.  Studies show that having a UV filter in a hair care products can reduce color fading by up to 40 percent.  Additionally, sources of heat from styling tools can open up the cuticle allowing your color to leech out. Just a few sprays of aloe-based Off the Fritz on damp hair will help protect your hair from the heat, UV rays, and environmental damages all the while eliminating frizz!

 kasia organics

At Kasia Organic Salon we have a proven system to benefit our guests with lasting rich color, color-safe products, and treatments to better assure strong and anti-aging hair.


Contact us today to set up your “insurance plan!”


- By: Valerie, Kasia Hair Health Specialist.

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