Acne + Bacteria. Resolve pesky pimples it at any age!

How cleaning up internal and external bacteria, avoiding antibiotics,  and adding the right supplementation can help clear up acne.

For some time, society has been addicted to the use of antibiotics as a "be all" fix for an array of health complications, infections, and - ACNE.  I've done my share of facials as an aesthetician, which helped me formulate the Kasia Skin Care line to serve all skin types - but a main goal with this lie was to decrease inflammation and inner chaos in the dermis.  This serves the need of anti-aging benefits, as well as the direct relation to acne.  Our Kasia Lavendaire Melablend Essentail Oil is a great spot treatment for bacterial acne - and can be used directly on the skin.

Acne has many "roots," but it's often a bacterial problem. 



Let's dig in a bit more .......

I am not a fan of antibiotics. They destroy the intestinal flora, weaken our overall immune system, never quite kill all the bacteria.  Antibiotics will also increase your chances of getting the infection back - times 4 - only worse.

For many that go to the dermatologist (they are well respected and needed), they lack the hindsight in tracking the cause back to a  previous round of antibiotics, therefore resulting in an even stronger one, continuing the downward spiral.

Hospitals are proven to be a dangerous example of this by breeding ever stronger, antibiotic-resistant bacterias to the patient. If you've done any recent antibiotics, or within the last year, I suggest taking the Premier Research Lab's Probiotic Caps for 2 months to reinstall friendly flora in your intestines.

Breaking Free of Acne

Do you suffer from acne?  Is your teenage child battling the pimple?  Here are a few suggestions that can reset biochemistry, and return your skin and body back to homeostasis!

1) Clean up the diet - clean up the gut.  Concentrate on removing sugars, carbs, grains, and high glycemic index foods.  This will assist in low grade infections, bacteria growth, and candida.  Do this for 4 straight months.



Suggested Supplements:

Allicidin, HCL and D3. (Note dosage based on age and weight).

For teenagers:  HCL and Adaptogens are not necessary. Instead, one tsp/day of the Pink Salt is crucial. This helps kids' natural production of HCL, so the food gets digested. Rotting food is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. For kids, 6 Allicidin per day, 3 drops of D3, and the Pink Salt.

Washing face

2) Use the Kasia Renew AHA + Vitamin C Exfoliating Cleanser Perfect for acne-prone skin, the cleanser reduces breakout-causing bacteria, clears clogged pores and fades post-breakout marks for a smooth, even skin tone.

3) Eat an acne-free diet. Eliminate ALL dairy from your diet. This includes milk, cheese, ice cream, pizza, yogurt, butter, etc. This does not get digested, clogs up the body's elimination channels and contributes greatly to acne.  Eliminate all sugar and artificial sweeteners. Sugar feeds bacteria.

 Kasia Skin Care is VOID of harsh chemicals, fragrances and synthetic ingredients in most commercial products can cause irritation, inflammation and dehydration that can actually contribute to, or worsen, the symptoms of aging (fine line, wrinkles, age spots and dull, lifeless skin).  Hydrated, balanced, healthy and  nutritioned skin should appear beautiful, radiant, clear and glowing. Kasia will help nourish the skin back to health.

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