Hair Dye and Health Complications: Common Beauty Products to Avoid

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Not to scare - but to be aware...

Did you know? You might actually be more likely to absorb dangerous chemicals directly into your bloodstream through your skin than if you were to ingest them (where enzymes can break them down). If you’re not convinced, the common occurrence of systemic side effects when using prescribed topically applied ointments is indicative of high absorption through the skin. Transdermal patches are becoming a common way to administer drugs because they “avoid the digestive tract completely and the drug is slowly absorbed across the skin directly into the circulation resulting in a long lasting effect.”

For many of these controversial ingredients, the FDA claims that the amount in products is not significant enough to actually do any harm, but with breast cancer rates up higher than ever, you can never be too safe.

Permanent and Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes (Especially Darker Colors)

Permanent and Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes (Especially Darker Colors)                                                                                       


Several studies have linked longtime hair dye use to bladder cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. Researchers found that rodents that were fed these compounds from coal-tar in certain hair dyes were more likely to develop cancer than rodents that were not fed these compounds. Read more about it here.

Scary Scientific Fact: Aside from cancer scares, you could build up a tolerance to the chemicals and eventually suffer from a scary allergic reaction, even if you’ve been using the same product for years.

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