Fall Colors, Breast Cancer Prevention & * NEW * Precision Liquid Eye Liner

October always brings the "pink" for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

... to Kasia, the month of October is about the declaration  of how to PREVENT Cancer of any kind!

Many of our friends and families have been tragically effected by cancer.  Now, more than ever, we need to focus on reducing our stress and our external-internal wellness.

It is my belief that breast cancer is more common because of the prevalence of estrogen-like toxins that flood our society today. At Kasia, we are diligent in how we formulate our products and love to take the time to educate our customers.  We are SO APPRECIATIVE of the the growing Kasia guests that continue to establish a new paradigm in their own personal beauty from the inside-out! You are making a difference, one friend at a time, keep up the good work!

The Ultimate Organic Autumn Renewal


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As the cool air comes in, it is of utmost importance that we pay extra special attention to our daily routine in order to better recover from weather aggressors, and allow our skin to emerge restored, revived, nourished, and fully prepped for the harsher climates to come.

Kasia Skin Services are utilized to:

  • correct damage
  • increase proper moisture
  • hydration levels
  • gently encourage cellular turnover
  • feed the skin with anti-oxidants needed to repair
  • defend against further assault, and effectively restore our vital and protective barrier.

Kasia Skin Care and professional facial services provide an arsenal of skin friendly, nutritive, and highly effective ingredients that are tailored specifically to target the extra demands needed to face the elemental extremes of changing seasons.


Autumn Internal Wellness Reminders! Remember that to feed the skin from the outside, we must do the same from the inside. Focus on an increase of water consumption, omega rich fatty acids, seasonal fruits, and brightly colored vegetables rich in immune boosting antioxidants.


*NEW* La Bella Donna Liquid Eyliner

It's time to start transitioning your summer look with the changing season. Contact our team to pick new  great colors and tips to try out this Fall.




 Made of all natural ingredients, fortified with some of the most innovative and nurturing materials nature can provide.

A superior all liquid eye lining pen with an innovative applicator to provide an ultra-fine or dramatic line with just the right amount of color.

Suitable for all highly sensitive and demanding skin!

Excellent colour pay-off • Matte finish • Quick drying
 • Smudge proof *Won't fade *Won't come off in Water • Lasts all day (10 hours or more)


Fall/Winter 2013 Colors:



 Contact our team today to facilitate your new customized hair and skin color and tones especially for you! 612.824.7611

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