The Top Supplements for Menopause - Take the Edge Off


Kasia Organic Salon partners with the best Functional Medicine Hormonal Doctors in the MN Area.  I swear as a  stylist I talk more about hormone health than hair some days!  We see MANY women starting the "menopause process" - and it's effects on the hair, skin, and body.  Kasia has the basic supplements and suggestions to assist your "Beautiful Health" as the changes and process starts.  

Most women do not need a prescription hormone replacement. By improving "whole body" health, and supplementing with anti-aging nutrients, hormones can re-balance and symptoms of menopause are relieved quickly.

Specialized Laboratory Testing can reveal the hormone imbalance. With the correct suggestions/help, women's symptoms improve after a few days to a few weeks.



Favorite Supplements for Menopause & Peri-menopause to take the edge off - naturally!

  1. Fem Balance by PRL

  2. DHEA- libido, bones, energy

  3. Adrenoven by PRL - adrenal support

  4. L. Tyrosine- Thyroid support and dopamine

  5. Phosphatidylserine- memory

  6. GABA + L. Theonine - anxiety

  7. 5-HTP- depression (raises serotonin) and cravings

  8. Vitamin D- methylation, bone support, and mood

  9. Milk Thistle or Liver ND by PRL - liver support

  10. Progesterone extra libido boost

Contact Kasia Organic Salon for suggestions today! 

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