Hair loss is common and growing in younger women.   Changes in lifestyle, increased exercise or weight loss, malabsorption, the way we style our hair and also use of birth control pills could be factors.


Stress typically will increase testosterone levels and trigger and/or worsen hair loss and hair thinning in genetically pre-disposed. Our demanding lifestyles are stressful – and one could argue that this past decade has been an onslaught of failing economies, unemployment and increasingly competitive work environments.  I'll speak for myself, many of us do not take the time we need to relax.

Another fact is that stress can cause or trigger flare-ups of dandruff – and dandruff has been proven to worsen hair loss in some instances.

Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are being used more widely– and also among younger women. While certain birth control pills have the ability to help slow or stop hair loss and thinning, others can cause it.  The latter contains androgens (male hormones), which can trigger hair loss in women with follicle sensitivity.


Unhealthy and restrictive dieting regimes are, unfortunately, still popular and unnamedfashionable – and with every year a new fad crops up; from juice fasts and ’miracle’ shakes, to no-carb or no protein meal plans.  Being low or over weight  can certainly cause hair loss. Note, you can be either of these to be malnourished.

Hair cells are the second fastest growing cells in the body, yet they are not cells needed for survival.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are now more popular than ever. Our hair experts use the best on the market that are "tape extensions" and non damaging to the hair.

Average Life-Span

Hair loss may also be on the rise simply because people are living longer. Hair thinning is more common in all individuals as they age, and in women is especially more common after menopause due to falling oestrogen levels. Certain medical conditions and poor health also tend to be more in older age groups – and general health plays an important role in the maintenance of hair growth.


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References: Kingsley Hair Center

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