A Clear Victory over Adult Acne (7 action tips on adult acne inside)


Claim Clear Victory over Adult Acne!

First, don't freak out. Don't fret - flareups are not forever.  All acne production is hormonally based whether you are 15 or 52.   Often acne is a invitation to learn what your body wants and needs and to give it what it is needing.  We suggest looking at your beauty products, habits, and health.  Once you fix the root cause of acne—your diet and hormones to not washing your face after a workout—your skin will clear itself naturally.

Here are some steps to help you claim victory over those pesty - pimples....

1. Limit stress. And the unhealthy habits that come with it, like excessive drinking, not sleeping enough, smoking and eating unhealthy or overprocessed foods. Limit stress as much as possible by spending time with friends, cuddling, getting outdoors, sleeping, deep breathing, eating clean and drinking plenty of water or green tea. 

2. Eat smart. “When your diet is wrong for you, it will do two things,” says women’s hormone expert Alisa Vitti, director of Flo Living. “It causes the overgrowth of bad bacteria in the intestines, which reduces immune response on the skin and increases inflammation. And it disrupts endocrine function such that hormones become more unbalanced and increase hormonal acne. These villains are white flour, dairy, sugar, and animal and processed fats.

3. Limit dairy. Dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, says, “A diet that has a lot of dairy in it is pro-inflammatory, meaning that it can exacerbate any condition, like acne, that involves inflammation.” Eat lean protein and brightly colored vegetables and fruits instead.

daily face wash
daily face wash

4. Wash your face every night and exfoliate. No matter how busy you are. If that seems like too much, your cleanser is over drying.  If needed, use agentle cleanser in the morning and a salicylic or glycolic one at night. Use an exfoliating mask a couple times a week: dry skin is dead skin, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Slough it off.

5. Wash up after a workout. If you're dealing with acne, “it's best to just shower immediately after working out and use a cleanser all over. Sweating is good for the skin, but you don't want to let it linger.”

6. Choose products wisely. Wow -  80 percent of acne issues are resolved with the right regimen—a good cleanser, an exfoliant, a balancing treatment serum, for starters. Many facial oils are great for acne-prone skin, but not synthetic or heavy ones like lanolin or mineral oil. Avoid artificial fragrances, which can increase skin sensitivity.

7. Don’t over-treat. Women over-exfoliate or overuse drying and irritating products like benzyl peroxide products when they aren’t making the internal connection to their skin.  If you are on the pill, the affects your body's hormone levels and doesn't solve the issue.

Feeling stressed? Then it is no surprise you are battling blemishes. Stress releases the hormone cortisol, which can increase oil production and block pores, thus aggravating your acne.  According to experts, up to 50 percent of adult women in the US suffer from acne breakouts. Here are some causes and cures for those adult-onset blemishes.

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