A Powerful Thought on DUDS

Hello, Beautiful You.  

So I was thinking about my lovely mother the other day.  You know how, when you prepare a meal or a desert for your family (insert: friend, dog, hubby) and for the most part it turns out great but some part of it is a dud and you take the dud for yourself so they don't notice the part that went bad?

My mom always put herself last.  It's born out of a big heart, right? 

STOP for a moment and think.  What if?  
What if you took the part of the BEST BOWL (insert your indulgence here) for yourself?  

Yep.  Selfish. Completely.   

And you know what?

Not a single person will complain. In fact, they will be happy for you.   

So my simple but powerful message is to STOP taking the last piece, the burnt piece, the DUDD.  Start to bring awareness to halting the thinking (and acting as if) you always deserve to be last.

Put yourself first sometimes, ok? A little self love. 
Yup, That’s it. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your friends and family. 
TTY Soon. 
Love, Kassandra


PS.  Remember this when you you're reaching for the burnt green bean on that traditional dishes this Thanksgiving.  Hopefully my voice will remind you!


My personal self love RITUAL to inspire.   What's yours?   

In light of 'self time,'  linking back to our last article about breast cancer and not putting yourself last - personal time doesn't always have to be not selfishly taking the biggest cookie chunk in the ice cream treat.  

I wanted to share my holistic indulgent that I partake in every Sunday. It's personal.

     I love to share - get it here. 

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