De-FRIZZ! Get a Keratin Express at a Fraction of the Time and Cost


It’s safe to say that summer is finally here! For some of us that means a season of battling frizzy and unmanageable hair. Don’t worry – our professional team has your back. Our Keratin Express Treatment is LOVED by our frazzled hair friends. In fact, they prefer to treat their hair with this efficient 15 minute add-on process every other color.  Infused keratin gives you results for manageable, smoother and easier hair to style. It is great for all types – including colored, over processed, and for that “not quite curly wave.”

Liquid Keratin Infusion:

The hair is built in layers, one of these being your cuticle. The cuticle is made up of 95% keratin and is visible to the eye. The everyday wear and tear, hard water, curling irons, and synthetic products create a compound effect – resulting in dull, frizzy, lifeless hair. Think of damaged hair as Swiss cheese - by applying our keratin treatment the holes are made whole again. Keratin will protect the outside cuticle as well as provide internal structure to the cortex creating strength and a smooth shine.

Protein Deficiency

Those with textured hair automatically have a “keratin deficiency.” Our clients with this hair type see a remarkable transformation as they rehab! The more treatments you have the smoother and straighter your hair will become.ask-martha-color-treated-hair-april151132070

The cuticle will return back to its original state as the treatment washes out, although the hair Is left in much better over-all condition.  Continuing to use these treatments will only result in healthier, stronger, smoother hair.   Clients experience “the gift of keratin” for up to 2 months!   Our keratin services are formaldehyde free and the only OSHA keratin approved service to date.


Get Expressed at a fraction of the time and cost!


Limited Time Special -  Through July 1st Receive a Express Smoothing Treatment for $75.  When combined with a color, receive this treatment for $69



Sip some Cherry Lemongrass Tea and enjoy our SUPER EXPRESS TREATMENT less than a hour or as a 15 minute add on to any cut or color service.





  • No process time

  • All hair types from very fine and thin hair to thick and unruly!

  • $100 ($20 OFF when added to a color)




  • This is healthy for your hair, and in no way harmful!!!

  • Last one-two months depending on how often you wash your hair.

  • Prolongs rich color, tone and shine

Looking for a little more girl-power that is longer lasting? Call and speak with one of our stylist regarding the Keratin Smoothing Treatment that will last as long as 3-5 months.   *    612.824.7611

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