Do You Know How to Stay Clean in a Toxic World? LEARN HOW AT THE DETOX SUMMIT! (details inside)


As many of you know, our health and beauty company see's  through a Functional Medicine lens.   I’ve written about many times on my blog, the toxins of our environment, nutrition, beauty products, and more - is affecting our health in so many ways. This is especially important during pregnancy and early childhood.

The toxicity of our environment and how that is interacting with our genes. We call this the epigenetic influence.  You can now learn about the latest research online through the DETOX SUMMIT!

It is free! Each day, a set of lectures will appear and you will have the whole day to listen to those lectures.

You can sign up for the Detox Summit here.  


Do You Know How to Stay Clean in a Toxic World? LEARN HOW AT THE DETOX SUMMIT!

The Institute for Functional Medicine

For example, I just finished this video where Soram Khalsa, MD shares great info on Women's Health & Toxicity.   Here are a few important facts from his webinar:

  •  There are over 85,000 known chemicals we interact in and 90%  have never been tested for safety. 

  • The average women uses 9 personal care products per day.  Each product on average has 14 chemicals.  This averages 126 chemicals per day that are known to disrupt our endocrine system.

  • Phthalates are a catalyst to an increase in Breast Cancer, inflammation, infertility, etc.

Head over and enjoy The Detox Summit  online from August 4-11, 2014!

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